Cables for Theta Processor/Amp??

I am currently upgrading my Casablanca I to a III. Additionally I am thinking about getting a Dreadnaught II amp. I am current using Straightwire Maestros pretty much all around. Since I am spending big bucks, why not up grade some cables too. At first I figured digital connections, power cords, interconnects, speakrs. Other components are Accurus 200X3 amps, Aerial 7B/CC3/SR3, Sony hi-def direct tv box, 9000Es DVD player.
Anyone using a Theta front end? Any recommends?
for your digital the Creative Concepts Siver bullet. It is a killer cable. 600 for 1m.
I've had Theta CB2 with Xtreme DACs, soon CB3, Theta Voyager for years - I luv my Granite Audio silver interconnects and their biwire speaker cables!!!
Casablanca III? How does it differ from the II? Any idea what the upgrade costs are and what it gets you?