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Krell XD gear in the House Initial Impressions
too Michael I said hello with my roomful of his stuff since 1997! 
Best digital cable $300 or under new or used?
Granite Audio - because they are as close to true 75 ohm, TDRed for quality control, as they come.You would be amazed at how many audiophile digital coaxial cables change the sound from specs as they ain't true 75 ohm. Our Az AV Club tested a bunc... 
Silver IC's for tubed preamp/monoblocks
www.graniteaudio.comThey manufacture tube gear which is very accurate frequency responsewise and they also make interconnects, speaker cable and power cords to go with their gear -I use thir interconnects, speaker cable and power cords in my high ... 
Von Schweikert 4jr cables? Their room at CES was the best sounding with the VR4Jrs, even better than the VS room. 
Granite Audio Model 657 Tube CD Player
The 657 is a fantastic CD player, surpassing a Bybee modded Sony SCD-777ES SACD in my system, that is, comparingCDs on the 657 vs SACD on the Sony player. 
Casablanca 1 scared the crap out of me
That was sometimes a problem with the CB1. I recall Theta had a chip upgrade to alleviate that problem, which would mute for say a second when you turn on or change audio source.But CB1s are way out of warranty now. And I doubt Theta has chips to ... 
Please reccomend a good sub cable tell Don that Steve recommended you and he'll give you his web discount. 
Theta Extreme DAC in a Casablanca 1???
The Xtreme DAC came out after the CB2 so I am sure that the Xtreme DAC isn't compatible with the CB1. I've owned a CB, currently CB2 with all Xtreme DACs, for years now. 
Cables for Theta Processor/Amp??
I've had Theta CB2 with Xtreme DACs, soon CB3, Theta Voyager for years - I luv my Granite Audio silver interconnects and their biwire speaker cables!!! 
Good speaker cables for tube amp's??????
Granite Audio manufactures tube amps and fantastic speaker cables to go with. 
Power Cords with built in RF reduction? with toroids each end for high frequency noise filtering. I use 'em and luv 'em. 
Hubbel v Virtual Dynamics v FIM v Purist v Jena
I can only say that the PS Audio Power Ports are amazing and wow do they grip the AC plug. You have to really grip and pull to get the AC plug loose at all!!! Totally wipes out my prior Hubbell AC plugs. 
Which CD Players Are both Warm and Detailed
Granite Audio 657 tube CD player is excellent. Retail $3,000 but I think with a bit of patience you can get it for around $2,000. You can contact me for more info on this. 
Subwoofer Power Cords
I am using Balanced 20' Granite Audio 470 four nines pure silver power cords for my Aerial SW12 subwoofers, which gave me further dynamics at several dB lower volume level than the DH Labs balanced BL-1 that I had been using. (the long DH Labs bal... 
Aerial 10T replacement?
Its the 10T Series 2 coming out which will likely be priced $3000 to $4000 higher than the current 10T. Michael says he's hoping to have it available next January - so give it possibly 6 to 12 months more for production based on past experience!!!...