Cables for Focal Utopia Diablo

Could you share with me what interconnect and speaker cables work well with Utopia Diablo? I am thinking about getting Tara Labs the One but not sure if they work well together. Source is Wadia 581SE and Amps are Ayre MXR along with Shunyata Hydra 8 and Python Helix power cords.

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I've used MIT Magnum MA and Oracle MA with my Focals with positive results. You will see that we have several identical or similar components in our systems.
In my Krell/Focal system I use Nordost interconnects and speaker cables. Quattro Fil balanced XLR and Red Dawn Rev 2 speaker cables. Nordost PC's as well.
Thanks very much. Would you mind telling me what other cables you have tried before you settled on your current cables. What did you like about them?
I've recently become a proud owner of a pair of Diablos. I know this is a bit like threead digging but was just wondering if fellow owners could chip in more on cable choices. I upgraded from a pair of Focal 1007Bes which I paired with anti-cables with great synergy. I still use the anti-cables but I guess they are becoming way out of league. A friend of mine who owns the Scala Utopias pairs them with Nordost Frey and Heimdall. He is currently experimenting with Nordost Valhallas to see if twice the cost if worth the performance. It would seem that solid core cables are well suited for Focal speakers.
We are Focal Utopia dealers and our favorite results has been with Transparent Cable. A lot of our clients opt for the current Transparent MM2 MusicWave Ultra speaker cables on their Diablo Utopia purchases and Transparent MM2 Reference speaker cables for the Scala Utopia speakers.

How well Grand Utopia matched with Burmester 911 mk3?
How well Transparent matched with Focal Utopia ?
Any other experiments with other cable brands?
mert, ihad burmester 911 mk.3 with my grand utopia be, and it is very very good combination.not sure about transparent cables... maybe good , maybe not. i now use vdh cables and echole obsesion- mostly the echole.
I'm a little late to this party, but I just acquired a pair of Diablo Utopia iii's and I am running them off my Plinius SA103 with Cardas Golden Cross speaker wire. Sounds excellent! Although I have to confess to a bit of heresy: my Joseph Audio rm25XL's sounded pretty damn good for 1/3 of the price of the Diablos. The Diablos are definitely better in all ways other than bass extension, but $12K better (retail)?
For components/speakers this good I would go with KLEI zFLOW22 speaker cables and also get the zFLOW33 IC's. They work exceptionally well together and will provide excellent detailing with amazing imaging and a very controlled bass.

I've tried other speaker cables from Cardas, Kimber, Purist Audio and Tara Labs and the zFLOW's are far superior to all of them.

Lucky Boy - for other budget options I also own (or have owned) ...

- the KLEI gZero6 SC and KLEI gZero20 IC's - another great combination and a little less expensive - and

- the KLEI gZero2 Speaker cable - which matches nicely with the KLEI gZero6 IC from a performance level perspective

All of the pairings I have mentioned outperformed the cables from other brand cables that I mentioned above.

I would not advise mixing the zFLOW line with the gZero line (or other brands of cables for that matter) because they offer so much better performance when used with products from within the zFLOW line - you'd just be wasting your money.

BTW - I have no affiliation with KLE Innovations - I just like the performance of their cables/RCA Plugs and believe they offer some exceptional value.


I have heard the speakers w/ Transparent cabling to excellent results. The higher up the cable model chain you can afford, the better you will be musically rewarded.

Keep me posted & Happy listening!
I switched from the Cardas Golden Cross to a pair of MIT S3's and I have to say that after breaking them in for a couple of weeks, I prefer the MIT cables.  As usual, the differences are subtle -- better soundstage, a smoother sound, so I would consider myself an MIT convert.  The Golden Cross wire sounded good too, but I felt that the MIT was the hands down winner in my purely subjective opinion in my system.