Breaking news! Jays Audio is moving to Texas and takes interest in McIntosh

Southwest audio show apparently was a big hit and a great place for audio.

It's nice to see Jay is taking an interest in McIntosh amplifiers. He has a 2 boxes in his lab containing MC 901 dual mono amplifiers that can be used to biamp lots of things including speakers , a tube/solid state amplifier. He promises a review sometime soon.

Additionally he's got brand new speakers and we don't know what they are because they are Hidden behind acoustical panels waiting to be unveiled sometime by Thanksgiving.

Jay predicts his brand will be bigger than southwest audio show.  Jays audio show coming to a Texas town near you. 

Looking forward to all the excitement. 



Hardly, I just spend all my time watching audio related videos on YouTube. There are so many audio things on YouTube it's remarkable. All the time everyone spending for views that only yield pennies a month . I'm not sure how much marketing support they're getting and that can't be very much so it's a big mystery to me why they keep doing them and they take a lot of time.  You have audio file junkie who does the best videos for all the shows and so many. It's kind of remarkable. And this guy is not selling/ marketing gear in a manner that yields a lot. So he's a dedicated soul and likes what he's doing. I could never do a video like these guys. There are so many people in this website who are so smart and technically familiar with audio stuff and many of them should be doing a YouTube video.

Youtube fortunes are built on attracting sycophants living vicariously through access savvy individuals parading temporary ownership of ulta high end goods. 

BTW: Who's Jay?

Started out on Agon as White Camaro and moved up the ladder since.