Bluesound Node2

Let me start by saying I'm a (very) late convert from vinyl into the digital domain. I finally got very curious  about what I might be missing and recently purchased a Bluesound Node2 and got a Tidal HiFi subscription. I have it connected to my preamp's MP3 connection and I think the sound quality is real good, CD quality depending on the original content. That said, I see a lot of folks buying either external DACs or preamp's with a built in DAC. Given that I don't use my computer as a source for music, are there any advantages in having a DAC? I do have an average quality CD player that I occasionally use but I'm now finding myself using Tidal more and more for almost all my "digital" content. Just trying to find out  what I'm missing. Thanks. 
I have the Vault 2 in my 2 channel system and the node in a HT system (the Node plays 2 channel only).  I think the DACs are the same.
My channel system is a higher end system with a great DAC (Mytek Manhattan).  My HT system DAC is more prosaic, utilizing the 10 year old Onkyo receiver included DAC
The Vault is connected SPDIF into the Mytek and sounds much better than the Vaults Internal DAC.  The Node is connected to the AVR with Analog inputs because the Node definitely has the better DAC.
  Tidal may be a wildcard.  Bluesound can decode MQA.  If Tidal ever releases significant MQA content then you will want to listen to those recordings utilizing the Node DAC.  If that ever happens I miy use an an unused analog input on my preamp for the analog output of the aVault.
All DACs sound different, and most think the differences are fairly significant. Your should try to listen to a few in the same system if possible before you decide if it's a worthwhile investment for you. This is an area of great improvement in the last couple of years.

If and until the market accepts it, MQA is another recipe of fairy dust. I would be hesitant to make any decisions based on MQA compatibility. Cheers,
I replaced my Mac mini with a Node 2 in April of this year and I haven't look back since. The on-board DAC (Burr Brown PCM5122) sounds just fine if you want to stop there. I have the Schiit Bifrost Multibit and the Chord Qute EX to play around with and both of these DACs sound quite a bit better than the on-board DAC and they should considering all. 
I have a Sonos Connect that I originally tried it's built-in DAC, but then ran a coax cable to my outboard DAC and it sounds much better.

As stated above, it would depend on the DAC.
I just purchase the Node 2 and had the opposite experience of some of the above posters - I found the Node 2 sounded better than my Bifrost (with the 4490 upgrade).

I performed a side-by-side comparison and initially, could hear no difference. Then I replaced the stock power cable that came with the Node 2 and it opened it up and presented more details and clarity than my Bifrost - which I found quite surprising.

The Bifrost has been an excellent DAC and it had responded positively to great cables, but the on-board DAC in the Node 2 definitely has the edge when connected with those very same cables.

The Node 2 also allows me to cut the iMac umbilical - finally!

Simple to install, great sound, nice interface and my wife does not have to become a techy to operate it

FYI - I'm using the Node 2 connected via Ethernet - not wi-fi.

Bye Bye Apple :-o

I seem to be having some network issues and was told by their support that the NAS drive had to be connected to the same "switch/router" that the NODE2 was connected to.

Anyone else have an opinion as to how to connect a NAS to a Node 2

Many Thanks

I have a direct connection of my router to my Node 2 by Ethernet cable. I plan to use a NAS in the future; when I do I thought I would connect the NAS to the to the router via Ethernet and the NAS to the Node 2 by Ethernet cable as well (I assume this will work).

In no way am I implying that this is best. I'm just hoping it would work well when I get a NAS. I not only wanted to get my computer out of the room when I got the Node 2, I also wanted to try something besides a USB connection.

I've been very happy with the results of the signal going directly to my Node 2 via Ethernet cable from my router.

Hope this helps a little.


Scott, thanks for the feedback.

Seems my problems are related to my Samsung tablet and Samsung phone on my metwork.

I've now installed the BlueOS app on my old motorolla phone and my old Asus tablet, windows computer and my iMac and everything is working very well.

still waiting to hear from Blue's tech support.

there's a lot of chatter about Samsung gear and networking issues on the web.Could also be related to the setup of the NAS drive.

will keep you posted