Bluesound Node volume pot setting for an integrated amp

Just setup a Bluesound Node to my integrated amp and don't know 

where to set the volume controls for the node and integrated amp .

Asked Bluesound , they didn't know either !



If you are not using the Bluesound to control volume (because you are using the volume control on your integrated) you should have the Bluesound "Output Level Fixed" set to on.  

Settings/Audio/Toggle "Output Level Fixed" to the right

I forgot to add that I am also using a Roku stick for TV, which has its own volume pot !

So, a total of three volume pots!

I was able to do your suggestion, thanks. Now the Roku volume does not work.

And the mute symbol is dancing around the screen .

It is plugged into the Node via HDMI- ARC . Would using an optical instead be

useful ?




Volume control wide open on the Node and Roku. Control everything from the integrated amp.

I would set the Bluesound at around 85% and use the volume on your integrated amp to adjust.



Matt M


What ozzy said. Using the bluesound volume was a bit easier but the sound is better when bypassing the Node volume control.

Sorry, I have the Node 2i which does not have HDMI input as does your new version Node.

So the HDMI out from my Roku is input into the HDMI in of the TV, and the TV audio analog out into my preamp.  Unfortunately, does not get the benefit of my DAC. 


I use the Node volume control because it has finer steps than my integrated. I can get stuck in a too loud, too soft situation otherwise. With the Node wide open I set the integrated at my listening max and lower it from there with the Node. It’s allegedly a compromise in sound quality but so is music too loud or too soft. For an integrated with a continuous analog volume pot (not stepped) Ii might use the fixed out on the Node.  


   I know but my blind wife needs as few buttons and settings to do as 

possible . She has the voice activated roku .

well...a little of everything sort of

I disconnected the ARC from the Node but left it plugged into the tv. Now

the roku volume indicates that it is disabled.

The optical goes from the tv to the int. amp. which is using the DAC in the amp.

And RCA from the Node to the amp. Which uses the DAC from the Node.

Now playing the two volume pot thing when streaming with the Node only 

It works and sounds good but the aggravation is something else ! do I stop the Node from streaming an app when not in use ?


I use the optional Node remote to pause or power off (stop streaming). Otherwise just pause play in the ap or at the Node itself.  To turn it on I find it convenient to push a Tunein Radio preset 1 - 10 while all the gear gets up and running. Remote volume control is sweet.