Better than nose pickin'.....

Garbage Pickin' My wife laughs at me on bulk garbage night when I walk the dog. Every once in a while I come home with a great find. This week was a Telefunken Opus 6 table radio. Built in 3 way speakers, telefunken EL84 based amp (all Telefunken tubes!). 2 hours later, I had it cleaned, repaired and working. Awesome radio. Better than the Lafayette tube receiver or vintage Sherwood that I found last year. I find massive vintage speakers and consoles all of the time.

What's in your trash?
Yep, my wife brings home any trash finds she thinks I would be interested in...Stereo components, albums, computers......

And, she always calls from garage sales, if she spots something there, that she thinks I may be interested in.

Last year I found a pioneer CD player out for the trash in the rain. Took it home, dried it out in the furnace room, and a few days later took it apart to find the lens had fallen out and was rattling around inside the player.

A little epoxy had the lens back in and it now plays fine.

My wife did put her foot down when I suggested taking some of the items put out for the trash at an open house we recently visited. Apparently it would send mixed signals to the realtor !
When I'm in my HOMELESS dumpster diving mode, I usually find some good meat left on them chicken-wing bones! Yum!
I made the mistake of pulling out some vintage tubes from a unit in the trash here in NYC in front of my best friend's 5 year old son. Well, the kid has a memory like an elephant and for the past 3 years never fails to bring it up at the most inopportune when I'm hitting on one of his baby sitters he'll talk about how I take things out of the trash.

Damn kids.