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All Mosaic Records Jass series, especially the love reocrdings. The 45rpm of Louis doing St John's Infirmiry. Not expensive but one of the best sounding records I've ever heard. I heard that at a shop in Santa Monica on two ARC monoblocks, a Ref-1... 
Mosaic Records vinyl prices dropping
Thanks for remembering me, guys! I'm still lurking around on Agon but since I've been traveling for the last 7 years I don't buy anything except LPs for when I finally get home. Albert, I bought a subscription to the Music Matters LPs years ago on... 
Puzzle:Integrated. Vintage. Tube. Phono. Headphone
Sorry, I should have added I'm trying to keep the unit under $1000 for the integrated and an additional headphone amp as mentioned above.Sorry for asking this question here again: I asked a while ago but now I've adjusted some requirements.Thanks ... 
Accuphase E 202 rebuild - worth it?
I agree with Donjr...well put, Ghasley. I'll post my decision and results. 
What piece of music can you play over & over?
"Spiritual" by Coltrane, live. That's really the only piece of music i need to be content. 
Best SACD player $1,000-$1,500 Range
You can't go wrong with a Sony 777ES and you'll have money to spare. 
Minimax or Audio Research SP 9 mk III ?
I agree with Mitch (and most of the rest.) I had an sp II and hated it. Had it for about 4 days. Thin sounding junk. Buy anything but.With your budget, also check out the space tech offerings. 
Has used prices of gear droppd, due to economy
I agree with Buconero. The financial crisis really hasn't hit main street yet. When it does, it will get very ugly for the majority of people, I'm afraid. 
Is It Worth $28 Million?
He doesn't take paypal :( 
Sell Hi-Fi and invest in stock market?
Sell every piece of expensive gear immediately and buy gold. However...you'll find a very soft market for toys right now but it's going to get a hell of a lot worse. 
Turntable advise needed - Norway callin'
There's a used Brinkman that came up for sale today (not mine) 
Wadia 170i and Benchmark Dac1 - anyone try it?
My question is why would people want to use an ipod doc instead of their computer as a transport? If you have music on your ipod then it must also be on your hard drive and your hard drive can contain your entire collection and your computer has a... 
Cheaper substitute for VAC Avatar?
Check out some of the used Cayin integrateds. great sound and build quality at very reasonable prices. 
slow, funky, groovin' laid back music
Definitely Nightmares on Wax as suggested. Try also Kid Loco. For some afro/cuban jazz try Herbie Mann from the 70s.Best idea is to get a free lastfm.com account and plug in those names. You'll be able to hear snippets and sometimes whole songs an... 
Someone school me on this stuff
For the sake of argument, no budget???he must work on wall street.