Best Used Vinyl Shops in Las Vegas, Nev

Going on a business trip to Las Vegas, and wondered if there are any used vinyl shops along the strip that I should seek out on my day off. Or pawn shops, for that matter. Seeking good deals on used vinyl -- all genres.

There is a small shop behind the Sahara on Paradise Blvd. It may not be easy to find, as It is below and beside the sky bridge leading from the Sahara parking lot to the hotel ( at the rear). The last time I was in there I scored some almost new condition Jazz LP's that were reasonably priced. Also, if you are a fan of India food, just keep going South on Paradise to 3900 block to a small shopping center. There is a little place called Shalimar Indian Cuisine. Soft atmosphere, white table cloths and not crowded like the regular tourist places. The food is excellent, and I hope your trip will be too!
albert: you're more perceptive than i. i've eaten at the shalimar more than once but never saw the used lp store you discovered. if you're in the area of the sahara, which used to be the highend audio venue for ces, look for the holy cow brew pub-- good beer, copious helpings of food, including at breakfast, and great prices; it's not as pristine as the casino restaurants but is real "homey" and NOT A CHAIN OUTLET. BTW, if you've got the time and ain't a gambler, take a tour of the hoover dam, an amazing bit of engineering. -kelly
You're best to check the yellow pages, though the best stores are on Sahara, as Albert and Kelly mention, and there is a great store across from U.N.L.V. on the east side of the street, in a strip mall. This may be the same shop that Albert and Kelly had mentioned next to the Shalimar, who knows?

I've bought my best jazz LP's in Lost Wages from a retired DJ, (jazz format station), and no, I won't be sharing his name. I hope you understand why ...
Just to clarify, the Shalimar is quite a long way from the shop I bought from. The small record shop I am speaking of is walking distance from the rear parking lot of the Sahara. It is perhaps a half block in the direction of the old downtown area. Recres is right about the place near UNLV, I completely forgot about it, and suggest it as a stop as well.
I have frequented several of the record shops in Las Vegas while working rooms during CES, looking for interesting music to demo.  The store I remember best is 11th Street Records.  It's downtown, not on the strip, but it's an easy drive or uber ride.  Nice little shop and the owner was very friendly and helpful.

Record City and Zia Records, each have two locations.  Then there is Wax Trax, most locals won't shop there, it's for the tourist, good selection but thru the roof pricing.