Best software for ripping cd's to FLAC?

I am starting a hard drive library to use with squeezebox. I downloaded FLAC and WINAMP. It seems that WINAMP rips to FLAC awfully quickly and I do not see any setting for error correction. I thought that it was through the use of error correction in reading the cd's that gave the hard drive an advantage over really high quality cdp's. Is there something that does a more accurate job?
Exact Audio Copy (EAC). There are a number of threads on this here.. do a search.

I use Exact Audio Copy.

It is one of the best, if not the best, to do the job. You will need to set it up to rip to FLAC, but it's not too difficult. Check out this site and follow the directions for setting up EAC with FLAC.

Good luck.
If you can't figure out or just don't feel like setting up EAC to rip to flac you can just use flac. Then you will just have to rip to wav with EAC then drag and drop the wavs to flac, select encode, and you're done.
I have just begun experimenting with EAC, and I am curious to know if it is possible to use some internet data base with EAC so that the album and songs ripped to the harddrive, can be automatically stored with the correct album and song titles? Also, what is the "FLAC" file type? Thanks for your help.
If you have a plextor drive use Plextools! Same correction level as EAC but on ly on Plextor drives.

Yes you can get album and name information as long as you rip to Flac... wav doesn't support file tags..