Best setup for office

Hi all,


I am looking to invest in a good headphone and amp/dac setup for work.  I would like to spend ~2000, half on headphones and half on amp/dac.  I am only interested in closed back headphones as I do not want to disturb coworkers.  I would like the simplest/best sounding setup, I want to plug things in and forget it.  The three options I've been seriously considering are:

1. Sennheiser HD 820 with HDV 820

2. Denon AH-D9200 or Fostex TH900 with Woo Audio Fireflies (2nd gen; with vacuum tube psu)

3. Sony MDR-Z1R with TA-ZH1ES

Is there a better option I am not including?  Which option would be best and why?



I developed my office system over about twelve years. I am 100% a woo fan (I have 3 Woo amps)… so that. Denon not so much. Too much bass… not well balanced. So I guess Fostex, by process of elimination. 

My headphone system got moved home after I retired. Then I upgraded to the ultimate… the best I have heard. You can see it under my virtual systems if you are interested.

I heard the fostex is too bright, I haven’t heard any of them though. It does seem to woo is best for plug and play

If you have a dealer nearby with headphones on display I would start there.  Easy to make a mistake buying headphones.   I have a pair of Klipsch HP3 and a Quicksilver Headphone Amp and it's a great combo.    Was using Grado RS2e also with that amp too.  

I bought both with a 30 day return privilege ,  it's important...  you definitely don't want to get stuck with something you don't love, especially HP gear .

Out of your choices I would probably gravitate toward the Senn, but it's a real personal choice with phones.   Try as many as possible 

I’d recommend looking at the Hifiman Sundara closed ‘phones with a Musician Draco R2R DAC and a Singxer SA-1 Class-A amp. Both amp and DAC are fully balanced, so if you can, run balanced cables. I run LavriCables in my HeadFi rig and recommend them highly. BTW, I’ve got Hifiman Arya Stealths feeding them with a Musician Pegasus DAC fed by a Denafrips Iris DDC (to use i2S) and a Singxer SA-1 and the sound is sublime. Just one option, and best of luck.