Best Power Cable Component Hierarchy


A popular consensus is that your best power cable should be from the wall to the power conditioner. After that placement, what components are most affected by power cabling (Amp, Preamp, Dac)? Moreso, in what order should successive cabling be placed?



In my opinion, what cord should go where, is more about finding the best synergy than about any particular formula. I say that power cords usually are component dependent. The sensitivity of a component to different power cords is variable in my experience. I have found some components to be rather sensitive to different power cords and some are more insensitive.

In my case, across three systems, systems one and two have the best cord on the amps and the other cords were selected for best synergy with each component. There are four or five different brands and/or tiers of the same brand and also some DIY cords in a couple of spots. The cords to the wall are of similar caliber to the majority of the other cords. System three does have the best cord at the wall to power conditioner connection just because that provided the best synergy.

So, I suggest simply experimenting with your cord and component combinations to find what sounds best. Buying some used cords of various brands and types may help to find good combinations. I have two different DACS that really woke up when the right cord was found for each one.

I do have friend who is a very process oriented and compartmental driven thinker that has the same power cord on everything from the wall to the amp. I guess it takes all kinds to make the world go around.

Your results will vary depending on components and synergy however in my systems I have usually found the following: (Dac, Transport, CDP), Preamp, Amp.

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@jeffreyw as some have pointed out it can be component dependent

  1. power conditioners and amps tend to have a beefy power supply so they need a very good power cable made from UP-OCC copper wire
  2. source components requires less power, so the gauge of the PC can be lighter, but still made of very high quality wire like silver wire

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I would go ’upstream’ with cables, like power cords. Distributor, source, dac, pre amp, power amp. But every component reacts differently on power cords due to the quality of the power supplies and the influence shielding has on components and nearby cables. Sometimes components perform better just because there is less cross contamination. But source first gives the most satisfaction IMO.

I agree to use your best cable to the power conditioner / distributor.  As previous posters have said, it is best to experiment since the response is component dependent.  And as suggested above, use smaller gage cables on low power components and larger gage for high power components such as amps.