Best bookshelf loudspeakers under 10,000 for the pair

I had the elac Navis I thought they were very good until I heard the Elac vela Which was much better In almost every aspect I’ve also listened to the Revel  126Be which were absolutely destroyed by the Elac’s.I am downsize my system from Martin Logan electrostats and quad 2905 And would like a bookshelf that would have some of the same attributes of the quads. I listen primarily to jazz and would like to stay under $10,000. (Fast transient  response, resolution/detail, musicality)
I’m driving the system with a PS audio direct stream dac directly connected to a primaLuna evo 300 Power amp. I’m thinking of switching that out possibly for a pass labs 25/30.8, or possibly a benchmark power amp.
Best monitor I have heard is the Dynaudio C1. I would buy one used. Should be about $4-5k with stand. Then everyone seems to love the Harbeth 30 (.2?). The right amp is super important. The two hands clapping so to say. I am a tube guy. But the Pass Labs Class A Amps are one of the most tube like.
Coming from MLs and Quads (OB speakers) you might be interested in:

Possibly the smallest OB speakers available. Included with the speakers is a power amp for the woofers and the Trinnov processor, all under your budget. In-home trials will be available soon.

For something more conventional check out the monitors by Sound-Smith. I realize they are best known for cartridges but Peter has much history in speaker design. 
Paradigm Persona B for sure.  Try to find a dealer that will let you borrow them and you'll fall in love.