Best Audiophile/Music T-Shirts

Picked this one up while I was visiting Michigan last year.

It’s pretty good social "filter" for new aquaintances. If they don’t "get" the T-shirt, and I have to explain it to them, we may not have a lot in common?

Galileo T-sthirt

This one got my attention, too.

Hello Darkness

Your favorite(s)??


Wow! You must be pretty young @chmaiwald ! When I saw the name Bob Marley over the top of a picture of Jimi Hendrix, I thought that it was some kind of joke that I wasn't getting. I can't believe that you thought it was him. 

Where did you see this t shirt?

light in the box has some various music t’s that have to be searched for since they’re not categorized as such...

Etsy has numerous vendors....

Funny Music Lover T Shirt, Hipster Elitist Gag Gift, Snob, Musician, Craft Beer, Reviewer Listener, Recording Artist, Music Geek Nerd Gifts..

...this being one of the more ’reserved’.

...and I’d guess that’s Capt. Beefheart with Frank Z.