Belt noise on my AR turntable

I am hearing belt noise from my AR TT.
The belt was replaced a few years ago and does not show, visually, any sign of wear.

When I add a slight pressure to the side rim of the platter, a load, the noise stops.....

Looking for suggestions to solve the problem.
It is often recommended to use talc on the AR belt. Not sure if this will cure your problem, never tried it myself. Clean belt first and place in a container of talc. Shake up and let excess fall off before reinstalling. Also, look at the sub platter and pulley for residue that may need to be cleaned off. ARXA- $69.00: absolutely the highest value turntable in the history of audio.
When it stretches you don't have to see the wear.
Try to laundry it with warm or cold gentle cycle. You can do that with like clothes as well. It may shrink.
Other than that, if the belt is cheap I'd order several of these.
Took a close look at the motor pulley as well as the sub platter and sure enough there was a black grit residue on both where the belt traveled.

I cleaned both with alcohol and wiped dry.
Couldn't believe the amount of black junk that came off.

I then washed the belt in the sink using a mild dish soap.
Rinsed well with warm water and then hand dried with a dry cotton wash cloth.

Reinstalled the belt and platter. Turned on the motor....

Result....... Dead quiet.

Hifiharv, I have used talc on the belt in the past but have read since it was not recommended anymore.

Thanks guys for all your help.