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What components might I check into that have a small foot print?
Yes, all those acronyms. All those choices. Its almost impossible to sort out. OK, another vote for the vault. You have me beat, My Fiat 124 Sport Coupe and Spider are only 43 and 40 years old. 
What components might I check into that have a small foot print?
Well Markto, no need to apologize for getting off topic. you have given me great insight on a subject that is also currently on my mind. It cant get any easier than Crutchfield too. Thank you so much 
What components might I check into that have a small foot print?
Thank you all for your suggestions. I know I will have to (and really do want to) embrace digital streaming, but just not ready yet. 63 now and no kids in the house to help me through it. The calculator had not even been invented yet when I went t... 
Fisher 100b repair/restoration
It'a a great piece. Go to Audiokarma.com's Fisher pages for more insight. 
Is there a minimum length for power cords?
Well, nothing's worse that finding yourself stuck with a pricey cable you cannot use because it is too short to reach the wall socket. I have 3 0f them because I USED to only need 5 feet. 
Can a garage serve as listening room?
You can do it, but just don't expect to plunk the system down in there and get great sound. You will have to address the "sound" of the room with acoustic tuning. A garage typically has very little soft material like your couch, chairs, carpet, et... 
Which high power SET
You could go PSE, Parallel Single Ended if you want/need higher power. Possibly not as pure as true SE, but opens up more choices for amps. 
CSNY Live 1974
Sounds promising, thanks for the "heads up". They were great together, and I still play the "4 Way Street" live LP quite often. The acoustic sides in particular have good sound. 
volume pot install
I don't think 100K is the original value pot. for a PAT 3. Still though, shutting off at full volume looks like a defect and not caused by the wrong value pot. You really should stick with the orig. value to retain the Dynaco's sonic signature. Go... 
Hum from one set of IC, but not another
I seem to remember that the Clearday's have minimal shielding, which is not a good choice for phono signal use. Was that cable intentionally designated as a phono signal cable? Or, the common line level type? 
A True convert is born
There goes the EL84 again. There goes "the simpler the better" again as well. Lucky you! 
Do powercords make a difference? A Test.
It certainly is not just about the noise. Power cables have an effect on other aspects of the sound as well. Not to belittle your experiment... it's very interesting. But, you are only comparing one criteria by which we judge cables. I'd gladly ta... 
Low and high output Grados differences in detail.
FWIW, I once had a Spacedeck/Space Arm. Tried my Grado Master (HO) on it and never could get the sound to sing. Not bad sounding, but didn't sing like it did on my Well Tempered Super. A Dynavector was great on the Spacedeck, but didn't work as we... 
The sound of my new electrical service: Day 1
Looks like I am boreing everyone at this point. Checked the house voltage and it was 120 or so volts during PM listening time. Certainly within modern specs. In comparison, the voltage in my shop across town where I work on the electronics (for my... 
The sound of my new electrical service: Day 1
I hate this... forgot to take the meter home from work yesterday. You'd think that would be at the top of my list (and it was). Alot going on right now. Couldn't test the voltage. Jim, did check out the box though. The breakers appear to be conven...