Aurender A200 vs N200

I have a great turntable and analog system and I am now studying the addition of digital to my system. I will be adding streaming. I like the Aurender line of streamers and have narrowed it down to an A200 or the N200. Has anyone on this forum done any critical listening to compare the A200 vs the N200? If so, what differences did you note?

My plan is to initially use the DAC in my McIntosh C2600, and then to later add a high end DAC to my system, so I only want to focus on the streamer performance at this point.

Does anyone have first-hand experience with the A200 vs N200 sound quality?


The A200 sounds like a good way to go if you have no digital components as it has both needed components in one box. Or maybe the HiFi Rose. Fewer cables as well. I’m an analog guy who is looking into digital, which I find enormously confusing. The one box seems like a great way to go. 

Went with the A20 after hearing both but key reason was I got a MSB DAC and they recommend the A20

It has the better AES Digital Output

Allows sync with a superior external Word Clock which the MSB Discrete has. 

The N Series are better than the A because they don’t have to deal with the digital noise from the DAC and offer slightly better performance.