Audiophile frame of mind

It amazes me how I can justify my audio purchases and don't think much about them with something costing several thousand dollars.  I know this goes with any hobby but I had a funny thought over the weekend.  The last OEM part of my system that I have been considering an upgrade is power cables.  I only have a couple random low end audioquest cables that I got as part of purchases several years ago.  Shunyata recently launched two new lines, Gamma and Theta.  I was thinking about the Gamma and to start with my monoblocks for the first 2 cables of a system that needs 6 total.  It would cost about $1300 for those 2.  That is the same cost of a nice Weber stainless steel grill with a side burner.  I couldn't go forward with getting an official quote on the cables.  Looks like I will be grilling in style this summer!


You can spare the money for a barbecue and discover low cost way of improving your sound...

It is wisest...


Combine the two.

It takes a little longer, but if you buy a new tube amp that uses a half a dozen Western electric 300B's, you can char broil a ribeye in under 10 minutes.

Just make sure to be careful when you slather on the BBQ sauce.