Audiolab 6000CDT CD Transport

After my Yamaha S2100 CD player died AGAIN I decided to temporarily replace it with an Audiolab transport and a separate DAC since the pair were open box and inexpensive. We've all heard that separates can sound better but 'old school' (me) thought 'how does that make sense'? My Yamaha was only one down from their flagship and mine included the same transport as flagship unit. HOWEVER, boy was I in for a surprise! The Yamaha retailed for three times what I paid for the transport and DAC combo! If you're running any CD player single unit, you're not going to want to believe this but.....separate transport and DAC are significantly better in every way. I was loyal to my old player but honestly the improvement is shocking and undeniable. My Raven Audio Integrated and Klipsch Lascalas utilized the improved clarity of signal.


Well, I already have a high end DAC for streaming.  IMHO, the DAC should very likely be the most expensive piece in your system.  Mine currently is but will be eclipsed by a custom built amp I have coming.  

I don't listen to CDs much any more but very happy wiht the Audiolab transport.

I pretty much never am in favor of a CD player.  the onboard DAC simply cannot compete with a unit that cost 5x as much as the endtire CD player. 


The Audiolab 6000CDT is a great piece of equipment for the money. I also had a Yamaha player which I replaced in the main system (now in the bedroom system), but also ran it to my DAC as a transport vs a ‘player’. But, the Audiolab just sounds much better. Period. 

So yes, the DAC makes a big difference, but so does the transport, as I learned.

I had a 6000CDT paired with a C53 McIntosh preamp and it sounded amazingly good. Truth be told, I upgraded to a CEC TL5 transport, but I can't say the difference in sound is dramatic. The Audiolab is great value for money,