Audiodesk Vinyl Cleaner Pro - Drying Issue


Can anyone who owns an Audiodesk Vinyl Cleaner or the newer Pro version chime in with their experience on drying for me?  I recently bought the pro version myself.  The machine is supposed to clean and fully dry the record.  I am finding that mine does not fully dry the record.

As concerned as I am about this, I am still impressed by the machine.  However, I would like it to be doing all that it is designed to do.  I have spoken to the service department about this issue.  In fact, they replaced my machine with a new one in hopes that would solve the problem.  It did not.

My machine dries the record mostly, but not fully.  It leaves some minimal beads of water on the dead wax, the outer edge, and even on the grooves.  The problem is, regardless of the small quantity of moisture left, it is moisture.  If I put the record in the sleeve, the moisture is obvious, and it sticks to the sleeve.  

I have resorted to running the drying cycle a 2nd time (only possible on the pro model) or using a clean anti static cloth (made for photographic film) to soak up some of the moisture during the drying cycle, making the cycle more likely to finish the job.

Has anyone experience this with their version of the same machine?  What do you do to get the records perfectly dry? 

Hi Mark,
I have an early version of the Audiodesk washer and I too have had this problem but only occasionally. It seems to occur mostly when I wash a number of records back to back.
My workaround is to use a clean paper towel and just using the very tip of a corner of the towel, simply touch the water bead and it will immediately get "slurped" up into the towel. The towel does not touch the record or, if it does, just barely causing no harm. I then stand the record up on a clean surface such that only its outer edge is leaning against a vertical clean surface and allow it to dry while I go on washing another record.
All this is a bit of a PITA but it beats other methods that I've used. I do agree however, that the dry cycle leaves a lot to be desired.
All the best, Fred
thanks Fred.  Let me ask you this: were you under the impression that the machine should fully and completely dry the records?  If so, are you ok with your work around?  Or do you feel that you should have your machine repaired?
I use a AS myself but not an AD. Would it be anything to do with not enough surfactant causing the water to bead up?
I never had a problem with the record not being completely dry.  But, a little touch up drying would be the easiest cure (apart from just ignoring a little bit of water.  I have considered dampening the cleaned disc, as a final rinse and then drying it using my Nitty Gritty machine, but, that is way too much work for me.
The general response on this issue is with regard to the shape and age of the white wipers (something I assume you’ve investigated). If not, there’s been quite a bit already written on this already just a google away.

Another factor to consider is the humidity of your room. A dry room (20-35% hygrometer reading) makes static build up a beast, BUT record drying (literally) a breeze. A dehumidifier can help with this - albeit create other vinyl sensitive issues via static.

I think the surfactant mix comment earlier by @noromance is a good path to follow. Too much or not enough has its own issues. If you read the bottle (the AD fluid) it says the solution is suitable for a 5L mix of distilled water. The machine, however, holds 4.5L. Thus, if you follow the bottle directions, you end up with extra fluid that you can use to top off the machine over time - essential if you have a highly evaporative/dry room like mine. The ratio of solvent to distilled water is different if you just mix the one bottle into 4.5L. In fact, if you never read the bottle instructions, every other piece of literature/review/video always references the machine capacity of 4.5L (not the actual instructions on the bottle label itself).

On another forum, Mike Lavigne (@mikelavigne also a longtime Agon community member) has experimented with different ratios of fluid:water with different results. A part of the solution is a drying agent - as well as anti-static solvent. Thus the proper mix for your machine, weight of vinyl lp (thick to thin), health of the white wipers, humidity of environment, temperature of your room, type of water you are using (Distilled, RO, DI, etc.), mixed with your own personal set of patience expectations = what to do next.

I hope this helps. And yes, for those wondering, I don’t have any drying issues on my year old-ish AD VC Pro. I also follow with a rinse cycle and vacuum dry on my Clearaudio RCM. An additional rinse makes a difference.

As with all things in this hobby: Everything matters. Good luck. Cheers.
As an aside, may I also suggest reading anything you can find by @Whart (Bill Hart of The Vinyl Press) or @Tima (Tim Aucremann) -- either here or elsewhere-- on the overall subject of record cleaning and most recently the implementation of ultrasonic cavitation with a mixed method approach to cleaning different records in different states of "un-cleanliness". I have yet to find a one-stop cleaning solution to any record -- which in the end is the ultimate takeaway from reading anything from the two vinyl adventurers I referenced earlier. Again, setting expectations is key, and I feel their work is best at calibrating what to expect. Convenience always compromises performance - but never puts it out of business. As Fremer likes to say, McDonald’s never killed the gourmet. Cheers.
Hi Mark,

>were you under the impression that the machine should fully and completely dry the records? 
Yes, I expected it to produce a dry, "sleeve-able" record at the end of the cycle especially when you consider the cost of the machine.

>are you ok with your work around?  Or do you feel that you should have your machine repaired?
I doubted that there actually was a fix for the problem so I never investigated. That being said, I hadn't considered the possibility of a bit more wetting agent (as mentioned by clo007). That seems like it's worth a try.

My work-around does the job but if you like to wash a record and drop it straight onto the turntable, the Audiodesk will only allow this sometimes.

Best, Fred

Thanks for the kind words, @cto007 
When I had the Audio Desk it would leave wet spots, I suspect much had to do with the 'lips' being wet from the wash cycle-- i know there was a modification on the original version to ameliorate that. Haven't used the "Pro"- though a friend is delighted with his, after having the original unit. 
The KL will leave spots occasionally- this is from wet edges around the slot.  
You guys would hate the Monks- it always leaves the edges (at 90 degrees to the face of the record) a little wet; in fact, when Monks rebooted the business, they briefly introduced a little tweezer-like thing with pads that you'd manually run around the edge of a record--that didn't work too well either, or so I'm told (it was discontinued, and I never tried it).  I just use a fresh microfiber cloth to dry the edges if necessary. 
thanks all, I appreciate the comments and ideas.  I have been happy so far with my workaround.  Using the anti-static photography film cloth to wipe the record a bit during the drying cycle.  I simply gently cup part of the record as it spins in the machine with the folded cloth, removing some excess moisture.  I do this for 1 revolution, and then let it continue the drying.  Kind of like using a and dryer in the mens room, and using a piece of paper towel at the same time, the effectiveness is increased dramatically.  I'm not saying this is an amazing solution, but so far so good.
@marktomaras - it might be worth a call to Robert Stein, the importer, if you are in the U.S. The one thing I’d be a little wary of, given the mechanics of the machine, is messing with the record while it is spinning. And if it is the lips that are wet, even using your method, when you remove the record at the end of the drying cycle, are you getting any water spotting from that?
It’s been a while since I used an Audio Desk and haven’t used the "Pro" version, so my comments may or may not be totally on point.
Hi... I've got the Pro version, and am thoroughly happy with it though it does leave a drop or three behind from time to time. My solution is simply to let them air-dry for a bit. I bought a bamboo dish drainer that and, if the records are placed carefully, will allow them to stand with no contact at all with the grooved portion of the LP's. A pic of it is in my virtual system called Music Is Magic.