Audio Note Speaker Kits

I have wanted to build a pair of speakers and have access to a complete wood shop. The area where I lack expertise is choosing and matching drivers and designing a crossover. What really appeals to me are the kits that used to be available from Audio Note. Unfortunately I'm a day late on that since they are no longer available, so I am appealing to the Audiogon crowd. If anyone has a kit they want to move on or know of where I might find one I would be very interested. I am particularly looking for the AN-E series kit. If anyone has a line on one please let me know and thank you.


These kits are no longer available unless from a third party. I am familiar with GR Research. Thanks!

Have you considered Madisound? They have a good reputation, offer quality parts from drivers to crossovers and other parts, along with cabinet plans.

No cabinets with that kit on eBay but it's possible Brian at ANK could provide a set or build your own. I was in the same position as the OP some months back. I was ready to purchase a kit from ANK when I was informed that the cabinets were available but Audio Note stopped supplying the parts.

Here's the bottom line. I believe I have located a kit. I never wanted cabinets because it was my intention to build my own. I think I am all set. Now I have to figure out the veneer to use. Hmmmm!