Audio Note copper vs silver cables: opinions?

I'm looking for opinions on and impressions of Audio Note copper vs silver cables, the difference between their characteristics, and conclusions you may have come to on paying the premium for silver. Did you demo both and go one way or the other? I'm looking for input on both Audio Note interconnects and speaker cables. I have been able to demo the copper Lexus speaker cable and I'm impressed, but not being able to demo the silver cables I'm trying to capture the essence of the differences between them from other's comments. All input appreciated. Thanks!
For the interconnects, the silver is much better the the copper in terms of clarity, rhythm and sweetness.
It might be helpful if you clarify you question by stating if its the Audio Note (Kondo/Japan) or the Audio Note (UK) cable that you are asking about. Completely different products.
For Audio Note/japan, kondo's silver IC can't be beat. I have the copper KSL speaker cables and the sound is so good, didn't even considerthe pricier silver speaker cable.
I haven't tried the silver speaker cables, but I do use the AN-Vx and AN-V silver interconnects. They are smooth, refined, musical and nicely detailed, not edgy and bright like some silver cables are reputed to be. A definite improvement over the less expensive AN-C interconnects and many other copper interconnects.

My AN/J speakers were rewired with SP cable by the previous owner. I've been using AN-L copper speaker cables. I'd like to hear the difference between the AN silver speaker cables and their latest copper cables. I suspect the differences are similar to their interconnects.
I had used the earlier Spx speaker cables before I replaced them with the Lexus LX. From midrange and up, the Spx out-performs the Lexus by a fair margin. The vocals are also smoother with the Spx. The sound is just so transparent and elegant. In fact, I regret to have changed them actually. But on the other hand, I need to change them because I am about to change my Audio NOte Quest Silver Monoblock to a brand new solid state power amp. I think the silver cables work extremely well if you have a SET amps whereas the copper cables mate better with SS amps. Hope this helps.

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