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Top ten tube preamps
Audio Note M10Audio Note M8Audio Note M6Audio Note M3Conrad Johnson ARTMcintosh C2200Mcintosh C22 (discontinued)Audio Research SP11Audio Research REF 3Audio Research LS26 
LS3/5. What do u think ...the best match
A lot of LS3/5a fans in Hong Kong agree that Leak 12.1 vintage amps are the best tube amps for these speakers. Many people also got very good results with Quad II and Eico vintage amps. 
Jacintha, anyone???
Here's to Ben or Autumn leaves 
Attn Vinyl lovers - what CD Player do you use?
In addition to my analogue rig, I also use my Ayre CX-7, which is a very good sounding CDP. Throw a couple of good recording CD such as TAS2003, Diana Krall's The Look of Love and The Girl in the Other Room, then you know what I'm talking about.I ... 
Ayre CX-7 vs. Meridian G08 ?
I've been using my brand new CX-7 since Nov 04 and I enjoy every moment with it. It's a very analogue sounding CDP with no grain whatsoever. Its tonal balance leans towards the warm side of neutral, with smooth highs and excellent bass.I've not he... 
Quit vinyl?
You may also like to know that many top audio equipment designers from companies such as Audio Note, Ayre, Linn, Musical Fidelity, and many other japanese electronic giants only listen to LP all the time in their home. The digital formats whether ... 
Integrated amp to drive ProAc 1sc
Pepler,I'm currently running 1sc with the Audio Note M6 preamp and Audio Note Quest Silver 300B monoblock. Don't be put off by the 9 watts output. There is no problem with dynamic whatsoever. The sound is really magical and gorgeous. I've not hear... 
Integrated amp to drive ProAc 1sc
You may also like to include Audio Note Soro SE tube integrated in your list. It also has a phono input which you may need for your turntable. Another one to consider may be Union Research SK2. Like yourselve, I also have Response 1sc, and I'm run... 
Audionote Soro SE, or cheaper single-ended?
You can't go wrong with any Audio Note amps. So go ahead and enjoy. 
Preamp Recommendations Lamm, Ayre K-1x, BAT 31SE
If you really wants a high quality tube preamp, Audio Note M6 phono is the one. It smokes any other preamp out there. Only its bigger brother M8 and M10 can beat it. The phono stage is absolutely gorgeous. The output transformer is copper winding ... 
Audio Note copper vs silver cables: opinions?
I had used the earlier Spx speaker cables before I replaced them with the Lexus LX. From midrange and up, the Spx out-performs the Lexus by a fair margin. The vocals are also smoother with the Spx. The sound is just so transparent and elegant. In ...