Audio Connection + John Rutan (a kudo)

I just got off the phone with John Rutan for the second time in a few months. I live in WA, as far as one can in CONUS from him, but I really want to do business with him. He is SO generous with his time and knowledge, and he is funny as all get out to boot! I called because he is both an Aesthetix and Ayre dealer (great pairings with my Vandersteens), and I am narrowing down my front-end upgrades.

I've dealt with more than a few hi-fi dealers over 30 years time, and many have been great. I'd put John right at the top of the list, along with Randy at Optimal Enchantment in Santa Monica CA. Gentlemen, scholars, infinitely patient--and with no strings attached. I know people sing John's praises here on A'Gon.

Feel free to add your names of dealers who transcend the ordinary.
+1 for John Rutan at audioconnection. John sold me my first high end audio gateway drugs (NAD and Vandersteen 1b).....34 years ago. :-). I still remember driving to his shop during a snowstorm to pick up my new stereo.
John’s a character for sure!   Very helpful, I bought a Quicksilver Headphone amp from him.   

I can always count on Audio Visual Therapy in Nashua NH.   Those guys are the best !  Plus no sales tax in NH.  Saved $300 in tax alone last purchase so anyone within driving distance should check them out.