Atlanta, Ga.

Any Audio Clubs in Atlanta? I'm a 2-channel guy and don't see a lot of interest in 2 channel here. Mostly home theater. It would be nice to meet some people local with similar intrest.
The place where I buy my Equipment is having a two-channel music only event on May 1. They will have representatives from all there manufacturers in town and will turn the entire store into two channel. They will have systems set up and the reps can bring any system they want or choose from existing inventory to set up diferent systems.

Atlanta Audio Society is a big club here in Atl. Lots of members ( im not one though)..Fellow by the name of Chuck Bruce was president some years back..thats about all i know.

Do a search on google and see what you can find.
Thanks, I'll check that out.
The dealer having this event is Georgia Home Theater on Cobb pkwy. May 1, see you there
I'm not sure that the Society still exists. Their website hadn't been updated in quite some time the last time I checked. I even sent an e-mail inquiring about joining and never rec'd a response.

Maybe it's time to start a new club??
Just checking in to say hello. I am also from Atlanta. Although I will be out of town May 1, it would be interesting to share systems and experiences locally. I notice from an old Atl Audio Society post that a couple of the guys from Variety Playhouse run a high end 2 channel oriented dealership (from home, no show room). Interesting because I have known one of them for over 20 years from WRAS/GSU days, and I didn't know he was into this stuff. They rep Von Schweikert, Audio Aero, etc etc - very nice lines. There are quite a few shops dedicated to 2 channel around town - Sound and Cinema in Alpharetta, Audio Alternative in Lilburn, and a few others that actually keep showrooms full of nice 2 channel. Anyway, I want to keep in the loop. Would love to met up with some other enthusiasts - I really don't know any personally.
Shoot me an email Jswanrncke, I've got the audio bug pretty bad I geuss. I've not been to these shops. I do know the variety playhouse as they are a customer of mine. didn't know they were into this though. cool...

Count me in!! I've lived in NY, Pittsburg, San Diego, & S. Florida. Wherever I've gone I always managed to make a few audiofiliac friends....EXCEPT Atlanta!! I'm sure it's on me for whatever reason but yeah, let's hook up!;)
Been here since 92. Met just about all the local dealers..good folks. some nice places to visit..tough to get around..darn traffic and such!

Steve at Variety is a great guy. Excellent products too!

Alan and Mike at Audio Alternative has a incredable place with lots of hi end lines..MCintosh, Vandy, Thiel, VTL, Ayre..

Ed Hanlon at Sound and Cinema in Alpharetta W. of 400 has super stuff...Maggies..

Dont forget Pete Marshall at Audio Atlanta in the Marietta Square. Nice guy and great stuff. Been around awhile and keeps on going!

Chazbo...sent you an off line email!

My place is small..but we can stuff some folks in for a gathering!

Also, wanted to mention another local dealer..Audio Surroundings here in Alpahretta, GA. Eric and Kirk are representing some excellent lines of amps, pre amps and power cords and IC's.. Iv'e been fortunate to know them and do some Beta testing for them as well.

Thanks for your email. Yes, we should all get together at some point. I live about 2 miles from Sound and Cinema.

Cool, we have more people than I thought here and would be nice to get together with everyone, sounds like fun.
Local Atlanta (Alpharetta) area here as well.

Make certain to count me in on any emails when we start to get together.

Would love to try and make it, if schedule allows.
Are any of you going to plan to come to the event at Ga. home theater? I will be there and will have several people with me. My name is Neal, so look me up if you come or shoot me a email. I can't wait to hear some of the systems they will have set up for this event.

Hey Neal you know my wife and I will be there on the first. probably see you there.
I'm another fan of Alan, Mike and crew at Audio Alternative.
Awsome Tom, I'd like to go by and see the place for sure. I got my Mcintosh MC2301's in today. All my new stuff is in but I don't have my power run yet. I should get it soon, you should come by and listen once its in. Speakers and pre amp are in as well. Just waiting on the shunyata power stuff and my house power. I've been slacking, didn't expect the amps this soon.
I cant wait to hear your new system. Lyra and I will try to be at GHT right at 5:00. I am taking the day off and shes working from home that day. Look forward to meeting everybody thats going!
Hey I have found a club that was just started! It is called
the Audio Video Club of Atlanta. It began in Jan of this year 09 I went to a recent meeting at Meridian Audio in Austell Ga. They were very nice and we were treated to a viewing in the Theater room. and some great music in the Music room. The leaders of the AVCOA were very welcoming and they invite Men wives and young people to join. Personally I think it is great that there is a club that welcomes young people too. I was contacted by a John who I believe is a membership guy. Happy Listening and viewing ! :)
My name is John Morrison and I am the President and a founding member of the club. I have been an audio hobbiest for close to 50 years and we started this club for everyone who likes music and the many forms of recording and reproduction of it. We will be doing (have already done one) live concerts of all types of music. We are interested in two channel as well as multichannel audio and video. Our next meeting is on Sunday, May 17th and while I can't tell you exactly what will be on the program (our original presenter had a conflict... not unusual) I will be happy to put anyone who is interested on our e-mail list and will send them an invite. E-mail me at the address below.

I joined this website so that I could answer any questions about our club. We are encouraging new members. Our June meeting on the 28th will feature Tyll Hertsons of Headroom Audio and some of his friends in the headphone industry in what I will describe as a Headphone Extravaganza. It will be held in a meeting room at a centrally located hotel.


John Morrison, President
Audio-Video Club of Atlanta
e-mail -
Audio-Video Club of Atlanta May Meeting Information.

The Audio-Video Club of Atlanta invites members of this board to attend the May meeting on Sunday the 17th from 2-5 PM. See below for directions.

In order to make sure we have enough refreshments on hand, please RSVP to Tom Horner: if you plan to attend.

We told you we would be doing a two channel, tube amp shootout, with well known vintage integrated amps (60s era) versus one of the finest Cary integrated tube amps from recent years. Here's the lineup:

1. Fisher X-100-B Tube Integrated currently owned and loved by our own Program Director, Nick Arroyo. This is a 24 WPC integrated amp using 7868 power tubes preferred by Fisher in this era. Most of the tubes in this amp are New Old Stock. Sometime in the past, it was re-capped but we don't believe it has been modded.
2. H. H. Scott 299C Tube Integrated currently owned by Dr. Jeff Priluck, a prominent Atlanta Audiophile and collector. This is a 72 WPC Amp that listed for $224.95 in 1961, not an inexpensive amp for its time! It used 7591 Output tubes.
3. Cary CAD 75I 75 WPC is a KT 88 based integrated amp and a new Rogue Perseus preamp owned by Chuck Bruce. The Perseus Preamp is just to see if there is a difference if any of the integrateds have a pre-out and power-in capability.

That's the lineup. Because of the low power output of the Fisher, we will be auditioning speakers this week to ensure that we can get a satisfactory sound in the meeting room. We'll send our final reminder on Friday and we'll let you know what speakers we'll be using.

Oh, you wanted to know what the digital front end would be composed of did you? How about the popular Oppo CD Player, this one modded for 24/192 out, and a modded Benchmark DAC-1. This combo will play just about anything digital!

Remember, we'll provide some very special recordings for a part of the program, but we also want to hear what you like. So... bring a digital recording to share. The rule is: If you want us to play it, tell us about the recording and why you like it! We'll be able to play the following formats: CD, DVDA, DAD, SACD, Hi Res PCM, HDCD, etc. In other words, if it fits in a CD, DVD, or SACD player, we can play it. (Obviously except for multichannel playback.) Our goal is to listen to lots of music!

Don't forget to e-mail Tom! Call me if you have any questions.

John Morrison, President, Founding Member
Audio-Video Club of Atlanta
Direct: 770-330-3919


Office Directions:

6650 Sugarloaf Parkway, Suite 700 - Duluth, GA 30097

Google Map of meeting location:,-95.677068&sspn=30.406222,55.546875&ie=UTF8&ll=34.003133,-84.094613&spn=0.007756,0.013561&z=16&layer=t

DIRECTIONS traveling from Interstate 85 North Take the SUGARLOAF PARKWAY exit - EXIT 108 - WEST ramp. Merge onto SUGARLOAF PKWY. Cross Satellite Blvd and pass the Gwinnett Chamber & Gwinnett Arena on your left.

Continue on SUGARLOAF PKWY through the light at Meadow Church Road. Take the very first left turn lane which is PREMIERE PKWY. Turn LEFT onto PREMIERE PKWY. Take the very first driveway on the left. Follow driveway around to the right (back of building) Go toward the end of the Parking Lot. Enter through the door marked Georgia Land & Commercial Solutions

A-VCOA June 28th Meeting Announcement

World famous Tyll Hertsens, CEO of Headroom Inc. comes to Atlanta this month to present the latest lineup of portable headphone and desktop audio gear.

Hertsens is one of the prime movers in PC based audio systems through his line of headphone amplifiers. He'll be joined by local hobbyists demonstrating their personal systems, plus answer your questions about the exploding future of upscale PC audio.

Hosted by the Audio-Video Club of Atlanta, it's free and fun for the whole family. Raffle and light refreshments served.

Please RSVP to John Morrison if you plan to attend

When: Sunday June 28, 2009 from 2pm-5pm
Where: Marriott Courtyard Northlake
Meeting Room "A"
4083 LaVista Rd, Tucker, GA
I-285 @LaVista Rd, Exit #37, behind BP station

Who: Hosted by Audio-Video Club of Atlanta

John Morrison, President, Founding Member
Audio-Video Club of Atlanta
Direct: 770-330-3919
Fax: 1-866-891-3690
Audio-Video Club of Atlanta August Meeting - 8/16/2009

Jazz lovers have we got a program for you!! We have H Johnson, the award winning radio host of the WABE Saturday evening Jazz program who will talk about and play music and videos featuring the greats from the world of jazz.

We will also be raffling off a pair of brand new in the box Usher Audio V601s retailing for $700 donated by Gateway Sound.

For more information and directions, please go to our website.

John Morrison
September's gathering at Meridian,USA in Austell,GA this Sunday 9/13/09 is not to be missed! No hype, no bragg, just the facts. Why? You'll have a rare,and I do mean rare treat to view and experience the world's finest digital video picture by a factor of 5X's.

We're talking about the Meridian 810, king off all front projectors. Usually this system is on the road featured at private conventions and trade shows closed to the public. Here, now is your opportunity to get up close and personal with the 10MP beauty Sunday from 3-5pm. The 810 is widely touted as the "most realistic digital projection system in the world."

Refreshments will be served. RSVP Tom Horner at Club info: or John Morrison at

Meridian,USA is located at 8155 Troon Circle, Suite C, Austell, GA.
November meeting of the Audio-Video Club of Atlanta is this Sunday, 11/22 from 2-5pm. We'll gather at Audio Atlanta, 19 Atlanta Street in downtown Marietta.

Owner Pete Marshall is our host and will spotlight the perfect wave transport and DAC from PS Audio. Also in the mix will be new tube product from Rogue Audio and Tannoy loudspeakers.

Guests welcome! Refreshments, raffle, CD/LP swap meet and lots of good music listening.

Info at or John Morrison
Wed., March 3, 2010 - 7 PM

Special Seminar

Special Notice: We have scheduled a special visit and seminar by turntable set-up expert, humorist and industry trends observer - Michael Fremer of Stereophile Magazine. This is co-hosted by Audio Alternative high-end shop on Wednesday Evening, March 3 at 7 PM. Location: 895 Indian Trail Rd., Lilburn, GA. Stay tuned for further details and don't miss it!!! Please RSVP to:

Refreshments provided.
A-VCOA March meeting this Sunday, 3/21/10

This month features Chris Sommovigo of the Signal Collection who will demo some of his very high-end gear. Included are:
David Berning "Siegfried" 10w output transformerless tube power amp.
Lansche 4.1 3-way 99db plasma tweeter loudspeaker.
EERA DL2 CD player(former Helios from France).
Stereolab interconnects and "Black Cat" cables.

But wait....there's more! As an added bonus Chris's wife, Mayu, a violinist with the Atlanta Opera Orchestra, will perform a short violin recital. Additional fun for attendees will be those who wish to bring record/PB equipment to A/B "live" versus recorded values.

Free, open to the public. Starts 2-5pm at Virtual Properties Realty office. Email John Morrison or visit club website

Fifth Beatle
Avatar Acoustics and the Audio-Video Club of Atalnta invite you an open house of some of Europe's finest electronics, speakers,and accessories this Sunday, 4-25-10 from 2-5pm.

Darren and Bonnie Censullo, owners of Avatar Acoustics are opening their home to feature 4 rooms of exquisite upscale gear, including Dr. Feichert analogue and newly imported Musica Eleganza-Rossi Fiorentino loudspeakers.

Refreshments served. Please RSVP to John Morrison,
May meeting of the Audio-Video Club of Atlanta to feature "Hi-res shootout." Everyone's invited this Sunday, 5-16-10 from 2-5 p.m. to come see and hear. Should be an ear-opening experience.

Sources to be used are the OPPO Blu-Ray Universal CD Player and the new "Special Edition" OPPO Universal CD player. First, alone, then with Benchmark's DAC-1 processor.

For comparison against a hi-end source we will feature PS Audio's latest PerfectWave Transport in combination with their PerfectWave DAC.

We'll hear music from a PC and sample clips from various musical genres in CD, SACD, DVD-A, 24-96, and 24-192.

Refreshments served. RSVP for info/directions to John Morrison,

Linn Audio Seminar at June Audio-Video Club of Atlanta Meeting

World class Linn Audio will feature a seminar of their latest digital stream music player, the Linn Akurate DS. It will be mated to a Linn Aurate CD player, Naim's Classic Series 282 preamp with NAPSC power supply and Naim's 250 power amp.

The fun starts June 13, from 2-5 pm. at Virtual Realty Properties offices loacted 6650 Sugarloaf Parkway, Ste. 700, Duluth, GA 30097.

Refreshments served plus big raffle! Guests and new members welcome. Visit our website for more info and directions.
Audio-Video Club of Atlanta Celebrates 3rd Anniverary!

Sunday, January 16th, 2011 begins our third year with our regular monthly meeting from 2-5 pm. Kicking off the year is member Michael Gill of Arte Forma. He's showcasing the new I-150 amp which is remote control and handles 250 watts into 4 ohms; 150 into 8 ohms. Has received rave reviews for such a budget price.(see Positive Feedback #53).

Also on the docket is our own Lee Scoggins and guest Tom Caselli dicussing the entire process of downoading hi-rez music to PC to portable devices. Seminar will include equipment needed, software used, plus their favorite web sites.

Free, open to the public. Refreshments served. Great time to relieve cabin fever this week due to recent snow/ice storms. For more club info and directions, see our website at
Martin Logan to premier their Electromotion ESL hybrid loudspeaker to the Audio-Video Club of Atlanta's February meeting. This is the loudspeaker that wowed attendees last fall at CEDIA.

Also, the much anticipated return of noted jazz historian and radio host, H. Johnson. He'll be sharing more stories of jazz legends past and present plus share some of his rare recordings and videos.

The fun starts Sunday, 2-20-11 from 2-5pm. refreshments served, plus raffle. See our website for past and future meetings plus directions to February meeting at
as you can see by the last date no interest by dealers or individuals either,all of my equiptment comes from listening in my travels.
Are you into headphones? Be it on the ear, over the ear, or in the ear.  How about headphone accessories such as tube amps, cables, DAC's , streaming devices, or bluetooth wireless speakers?  

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you need to be at CanLanta 2016  on May 21st.  The headphone and accessory gathering which will bring together top manufacturers and local enthusiasts to show you the latest audiophile technology.

iFi, Mr. Speakers, and Empire Ears are just three of the top-notch manufacturers exhibiting for your listening pleasure.  Brought to you by the Audio-Video Video Club of  For more info and maps, go to

Free admission to police, fire and rescue, military, and students with valid ID.  
CanLanta 2016 vendor list continues to grow!  14 exhibitors confirmed. Newest confirmed are Sight and Sound Gallery, Meze headphones, Questyle, Bryston,, and Noble.

Noted headphone guru Tyll Hertsens of InnerFidelity magazine is keynote speaker and will meet and greet attendees with two breakout sessions.  Held in Atlanta at the Marriott Century Center Hotel Saturday May 21st  from 10am-6pm.  Clairmont Rd at I-85.

See for more details and directions.  
Alan is now HiFi Buys Atlanta. Mike is now Wolfsong Audio.Both are very fine establishments.  Happy Listening!
Any 2 channel gatherings going on in Atlanta area?  I’m in middle Georgia. 

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