Artists you only know through their greatest hits

As I was listening to The Stranglers greatest hits the other day, I realized I do not own any other studio album of theirs.

What artist's greatest hits do you own that you absolutely love, but never bothered buying any other music by them? 
I don't understand the... wait a minute! Are you talking compilations? Greatest Hits compilations?! You are actually trying to get someone here to admit to buying a greatest hits compilation? I mean yeah, sure, everyone has some. But I would never admit it! Good God man have you no self-respect??!
Usualy i do get a greatest hits album from an artist for collection purposes only (ok i admit i could like a song or two in there) but not from the bands i love. 
Considering there was about 500 one hit wonders. Folks will admit to buying the whole CRAP album to get the one good song.. NOT me..

There is only room for a single Tiny Tim, "Tip toe, through the tulips" ok you wanna cop to having the whole album, you go right ahead..

There is a reason for singles.. the might 45, saved me a lot of self imposed embarrassment. :-)

Yea I got a few, I think it was time life, you know the one. County Western, Rock, British invasion. I have it on CD and LP, My FIL had the original LP version.. quit good actually.. you know.. "King of the Road"
"Crazy", ect. I mean you have the original Marty Robbins, I sure don’t
wish I did, Chet Atkins, where you gonna find that? Talk about $$$.

I have a LOT of the ol 78s too, my FIL.. perfect condition Monos all original, Big Band, Jazz and some Country Western..All pre 1959 wide tip... Victrola stuff, almost..

You EVER see Yoko Ono in a "Remember that song". NO, I'm not coppin' to that one AT ALL. bigger :-)

Zaeger & Evans: In The Year 2525 - a one-hit wonder! I might have the LP in my collection . This was a big hit in 1970! 
Tons of my music started out as greatest hits. Especially if you were not alive when the artists first released the music. My first one was the Beatles "Red" album and then "ChangesOne" by Bowie. Last night I was listening to all 3 of Bowie's Berlin albums on Tidal. I think I now have close to 15 Bowie albums on Tidal. I doubt I would have the time or money to have such a collection without streaming and the Greatest Hits as the gateway drug to these artists.

Bob Marley was another. I bought all of his albums after getting "Legend" (which I thought was only OK).