Anything better than Revel F228be?

For less than $20K MSRP that is.

Candidates include:

— B&W 803 D3
– DALI Epicon 8

Yey or nay? 
Persona 7F/5F
Focal Kanta no3
Focal Sopra no3

Those should also be on your audition list.

Nope. I have heard both Kanta and Persona, and preferred my F228be . Sopra.... maybe
Anything better than the Revel F228be for less than $20K MSRP that is?

     Yes, a pair of Magnepan 3.7i and an LG  77" 4K OLED hdtv with about $7-8K cash left over.

Use your noodle,
Wilson Sabrina 2
Kensington gr
Vivid kaya 45
Proac k3
Focal Sopra no2
Magico a3

Heard them all including revel before deciding on Sasha 2

Used Sopra No. 2 are starting to show up at around $8K, which is a pretty dang nice price for the product you are getting. I will say, the Dali Epicon 6 and 8 are very intriguing speakers for all around use.

In your opinion, what put the Sasha 2 over the top of all the others you mentioned?
Sasha 2 is way more expensive that I can afford. My hope is to some ~ $20K speakers used for much less than MSRP. Or I can just stay put with my F228Be, which are great speakers anyway.

As subjective as it may sound, Sopra does not do bi-wire, and my speaker cables I have are bi-wire, and I would like to keep them

my previous speaker was vivid giya g3. I sold it in hoping to purchase 2 speakers from the funds i got; a bookshelf and a floorstander. Demoed a lot but but the vivids set a very high
standard in my listening room that all of said speakers i mentioned
fell short one way or the other, so i end up looking for a speaker
that is either a sideway move or an upgrade. Sasha 2 is the 
only one that can go head to toe with my previous giya g3.
Compared to the list (except vivid g3), sasha 2 is bigger sounding,
more air and seperation between instrument, blacker background,
better micro and macro dynamics, better timbre colors (except
for proacs) and last but not the least bigger, wider and deeper
btw i got the sasha 2 brand new at less than 20k srp.

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Hey @tdimler ... Salons are the obvious choice, but they have been around such a long time, that they are definitely due for an update. I have a feeling their new line (Ultima3??) is about to launch in a year or two
Yes @jl35 indeed! A friend of mine has them, and they sounded fantastic in his house. Unfortunately, DALI brand is not so popular here in US. 
Used pair on Audiogon at great price now from TMR.  No connection just happy customer 
Better than my F228be @soundsrealaudio ? I am really hoping that’s the case, so that I don’t have to spend any money and stop looking 😉😂
While they may be your favorite at their price, at the $20k you mentioned there are many much better speakers. Though as always comes down to system , room and personal preferences 
Trick question. For me yes, I actually preferred the f52 from revel to their newest stuff.