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Proac Speakers & Isoacoustics Gaia
I also have the proac k3. Wonder what benefits can be achieved  using isoacoustics.  
Steve59 If i have to compare wilson sasha 2 vs vivid giya g3; sasha 2 Has that blacker bacground quality due to it’s more inert cabinet but it does not dissapear like the giya g3. I attribute  giya g3 having a higher noise floor due to this  c... 
Sonus faber center speaker as front?
Dealer is offering a 12 months zero interest on top  of the 60% discount. Also agreed that i bring my own amp  to test the speakers.   will report back to you guys my finding for others future reference.  
Sonus faber center speaker as front?
Ghdprentice theo   you're both right. Still hard to get past them beauties  with a 60% discount to booth. Tempting.  
Sonus faber center speaker as front?
Turns out my dealer cannot or will not allow demo As they no longer have any equipment to use since they are into their last phase of " closing out sale", home demo is also un acceptable stating that it's  a no return policy given the hefty 60... 
Sonus faber center speaker as front?
Thank you guys for all your valuable inputs.   in a couple of hours, i will be able to hear and test the speakers. Sadly though, i have no way of bringing it home for a demo. So  all  listenng will be done at the dealership. Cant fault the de... 
Sonus faber center speaker as front?
Theo If in case it do work out vertically, i would definitely Have to add subwoofer. I think the best way is to also raise the subwoofer.  
Sonus faber center speaker as front?
Jl35 thank you. An actual experience!  
Sonus faber center speaker as front?
Ghdprentice   really really tempted to go with the vox center, just cant get over the fact that my dealer is giving the pair at almost 60% off, i just cant seem to pass such a good deal knowing there's a big chance that it will work out fine.  
Sonus faber center speaker as front?
Tablejockey   thank you. The specs seems the same compared to their amati tradition bookshelf. What concerns  me is the d appolito layout which seems to favour horizontal placement. But at the end of the day,  it seems nothing beats actual h... 
Sonus faber center speaker as front?
 Jasonbourne52   Thank you. Any cons? Will they perform like a regular bookshelf or will i have to suffer some sort of coloration or lack of neutrality  due to having two mid woofers?      
Has anyone had experience with Tannoy Arden?
Too dark and dry for my taste, maybe due to My small room interaction.The eatons were fantastic though. 
Bookshelf Speakers for Large Room
Pmc mb2 se 
Vivid Audio Speakers
Yup. Vivid’s use of aluminum drivers madetheir sound to monotonic in nature. DrumsOf different kinds for example sounds the the end of the day, i miss the colour thatpaper cone brings to the table. 
Calling all (50 or less?) Falcon Kingswood Warren Edition LS3/5a owners...
Im an owner of a falcon ls3/5a gold i good enough?😀this is one of most satisfying speakers i ever just so relaxing and intoxicating, especially withtubes.jazz, vocals and acoustic music=Heaven.