Anyone with Benchmark ABH2?

I ran across a couple of write-ups including a Stereofile review and am very intrigued by the technology and measurements. It also seems to be relatively well priced given its performance. Any owners out there?
I have not heard them, but boy those heat sinks remind me of the Hafler modules we used to buy ages ago. :)


I've had one since late June of this year and am very pleased with it.

Small size; doesn't get too hot; really low noise floor; fast and detailed.

They know what they're doing with that 30-day trial offer.  Bet they get very few people who try it and don't keep it.  Benchmark customer service is great, too.
Not sure how to interpret "very pleased with it". Is it as great as the measurements seem to suggest? The reason I asked the original question was that to me this particular component is a great example to see how the measurements can actually sound. Does it sound warm and engaging or accurate and sterile?
I would say neutral and accurate.  I don't consider it sterile, but everyone hears things differently. I tend to value neutrality… I want to hear what is in the recording.  I wouldn't call it warm or lush.

The measurements point toward neutrality and low distortion & noise, so I guess it is as great as the measurements suggest.