Anyone out there in the Dallas area interested in acquiring vinyl records?

I have an old collection of vinyl records mostly from the 1970s that are mostly in very good condition, many only played through a few times.  I recently digitized these and now want to clear them out of my home.
Your best bet is to run a Classified ad here. You could list it as an entire collection or a few at a time. 
@keninrockwall: There is a way to grade your vinyl. It’s known as the Goldmine standard. Carefully rate each album according to this scale and list them as a whole collection, or individually. There are many on this site, who may be interested. Be cautious in your ratings. I bought a collection from an Agoner years ago and received nothing but crap. I had to put my want for a refund into arbitration, but did receive a refund, which included return shipping charges.  I have bought several LP’s on this site which are exceptional.
If you write in a ticket to, attn: Tammy
I can give you details on how to list your collection.