Anyone in Vermont (especially the Burlington area) interested in an informal audio club?

I live in Burlington, VT, and have been thinking about an audio club. Please respond here if you have any interest.
I see there have been 40 views of this. I'm not talking about an organized club with scheduled meetings, dues and all that. Basically, I am a home audio enthusiast with a nice system, who would like to get together with like-minded people to hang out, chat, and listen to music.
Hello, I just moved to Bennington Vermont about 2 years ago. It doesn't look like there a lot of audiophiles out here. I just so happened to see this while browsing for clubs in the area. 

I bought a house 2 months ago and just got my temporary music room together. I have lots of 70's Marantz units as well as other solid state and tube components. I use a pair of KEF 103/2s with them. They are great for critical listening. 

I'd love to hear about what you have.

I lived in Bennington for some years , I'll bet you are the only 'phile in town .
I'm a few years late to this thread.  I just joined the group.  I have run small commercial recording studios in the Burlington area for more than 30 years.  It wasn't until I began researching the JBL M2 monitors I bought for my LCR studio monitoring chain that I fell in to the audiophile well.  The M2s seem to have found an even larger fan base in the audiophile community. 

As different as professional and audiophile approaches might be, it's obvious that at least one of the goals is the same: the enjoyment of listening to music.  I would very much like to meet others in the area to gain more perspectives, to have the opportunity to hear other peoples systems and have others over to listen to mine.  If my responding to this thread reactivates it, I would be interested in contacting with other audiophiles in the Burlington area.  Thanks, and happy listening!

Thanks for your reply. I am definitely interested in getting together. I sent you a PM.

I'm even later to this thread.  But I'm about halfway way between you in Rutland.  Rt 7 must be a high quality cable.  52 years live musician, some pro audio knowledge, and mid-70's employee at Stereo Theater in Rutland (once VT's biggest stereo/record store) and sold MacIntosh, Phase Linear, Sony, Technics, B&O, Thorens, Dual, ESS, Ohm, Bose, but primarily Yamaha.  Now back on this addiction!...with a Topping D50S DAC, 1980 Kenwood KA-9100 (free to me after 35 years in the Weston Priory) and a new pair of Magnepan LRS.  
Nice to see this post, late as I am to it! I live outside of Burlington and thought I'd chime in. I've been in the game since my first stereo in 1978 but I'm likely not as tech-savvy as many out here. Music is a deep passion of mine. (I don't want to even think about all the shows I had tickets for this past spring and summer, all canceled of course, from Jeremy Denk to Hot Tuna to Tame Impala!) I will say that I'm thinking of new speakers and a new amp, and it would be great to chat up some local folks. 
Hi Vermonters,
I live in Bondville ( southern Vt by Manchester/ Stratton mtn).
Vandersteen 3a signatures, benchmark dac3, benchmark amp, Audiolab 6000cdt transport, Yamaha up d8 table ( working on upgrade)...
Not many audio folks around...!

I tried this in 2003 and had no luck. Is it worth reviving this thread to see if we can make a go of it?



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