Anyone heard Dead Hi-Rez downloads from HDtracks?

Before I purchase another copy of some of my favorite Grateful Dead albums, I was wondering if any of you had the chance to listen to the "Complete Studio Albums Collection" hi-resolution downloads available on If so, which version the 192kHz or 96khz? I already own the remastered CDs, so the real question is: are these worth $250?
Don't have an answer to your question, but I'm told that the versions of Workingman's and American Beauty that have been on HDtracks for a while are the DVD-A remasters Mickey Hart did a number of years ago. This new release is apparently the original mixes, though AB says remastered. Then there's the question of which Anthem of the Sun mix they are using, I'd like definitive word on these matters and, even then, I wish it were unbundled.
I guess you old audiophiles don't listen to the Dead. Instead what do you think about the Orf download? Is it worth it?
I was interested for a while until I saw the cost! Maybe a few of us can go in and buy one and do the Grateful Dead bootleg thing (joking, kinda)