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The Music Room
I have successfully sold several items to TMR.   Each transaction was easy and quick.   The lower price that they offer is well worth the lower hassle of selling the items myself online.   They even handle the shipping and once they sent a logisti... 
Any High End Tube Preamps with *gasp tone controls?
Another ++ for Loki MAX.   Balanced in and out.  Super quiet.  Does only what you expect.   Great value too!!  
Heavy duty amp stand, Sonic benefits?
Mostly I have found that stands save the amp from collisions with the vacuum cleaner.  And can look good.  
VU fun for $200
stereo5:  I thought that is why folks purchase Mac.  
VU fun for $200
russ69:   Pretty funny.  I had my first "phase" with meters over 60 years ago with a Heathkit.  Now it is still fun to watch while I have some sight left.   Soon, I will be looking for color lights that sync to the music LIGHTS because I can't hea... 
Cary V12i to r Upgrade
I am an original owner of a V12i that was bought 10 or more years ago when my main amp went in for service.  I loved it.  When the main amp returned from service, I had the V12i upgraded to a V12r.   The V12r was now even more enjoyable.  More imp... 
Guys, this is part of the issue I am asking about in my other thread...
Also the gold label on the back of the chassis also states 8aSB 
Guys, this is part of the issue I am asking about in my other thread...
stereoisomer,I have the B&K ST202+ Owners manual and it states:Main A.C. Fuse    8aSBSpeaker Fuses    4aRRail Fuse             4aR 
My ICs are short…..duh!
Hi good morning....Thanks for the comments and advice.You goners said that they have had no negative affects with this configuration.  Some maybes.  So, I will keep listening and for now I will continue with the double ICs.    If I hear this affe... 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
What made you put together your first 2nd system?
I spent a lot of time at a friend’s house and the only music available was from their flat screen’s speaker via cable box.   They thought it was fine. Drove me crazy.  I brought over an extra Cary amp, Marantz DAC, N802s and Cardas cables. Loade... 
Keeping an IC broken-in…is this a good idea?
Oldhvymec, thanks for the ideas.  My pre does not have a TapeIn only TapeOut.  That is why I thought of using an unused input.   Using a second system is a great idea for cables adn components!! 
Keeping an IC broken-in…is this a good idea?
Thanks Guys,I guess another of my "good" ideas bites the dust.I am thankful for your responses and I am glad that I asked you.- Jed  
Am I out of my mind? #obsessed
  Don't use wax use this 3M Glaze.  It is perfect for high gloss piano finishes.   You won’t be disappointed.  
How to physically move large heavy 100lb amplifiers easily (up and downstairs)
My friend got a hernia from helping me move a Mark Levenson 336 up 2 flights of winding staircase.Be wise hire a mover.Best of luck!