anyone have a Mitsubishi LT-30 / Diatone LT-3 threaded sub-weight for sale?

Just bought an incredibly lovely example of the venerable Diatone LT-3 that seems to be missing ONLY the threaded sub-weight that affixes to the rear of the tonearm....if anyone can help, I'd be most grateful.  Thank you.


You need to place a "wanted to buy" in classifieds. No buying or selling on the forums.

I have an old LT30 in need of refurbishment - most all the parts are there - belts, etc, need refurbishing.


Free if you pay the shipping

Hello Oliver--that is an exceptionally kind and generous offer, thank you.  I would take you up on it but I actually sold my Diatone last week and forgot that this thread was still active.  Sorry about that!  Thank you again for your very kind offer--most appreciated.