Anybody not receiving Agon email updates?

Anybody not receiving updates?

I've noticed I'm not receiving updates on a few thread I've followed for some time. I unsubscribed and then subscribed to see if this will work. Hopefully so.


If it’s helpful, I’m not receiving any emails when a member PMs me directly or in regards to my listings. Since about 2-3 weeks ago I now have to log into audiogon and check my messages folder periodically to see if anyone has gotten in touch.

I have looked in my restricted list, twice, and Agon is not on it. Not sure why I'm not getting emails from Agon but I appreciate your comments and experience.


I just found a member had PM'd me but had no idea until I checked.

From Tammy


Thanks Warren for the email.
It's a problem site wide. Sorry for the issue.
I'll email you when it is fixed.

My friend Lalit mentioned spam. So, I checked my spam and sure enough, there are Agon emails there. Clicked on one and it said that it was spam but had a little check box saying "Its not spam". I clicked it and I started receiving notifications again.