Anybody here use uship?

I need to ship some rather large speakers from Va. to NY. I got a quote from a shipper on uship that is very reasonable. However, the cargo insurance uship provides is capped at 2500.00 and the speakers are valued at 6K. The shipper has been on the site for 14 years and has a 100% positive feedback rating with 350 completed shipments.

What say ye?


Maybe. But the uship insurance seems kind of sketchy and requires a deductible if you use it. To give you a difference in the price.

Old Dominion 675.00 including insurance.

uship quote 255.00 with no insurance. 305.00 with 2500.00 coverage.

The uship transporter will be putting the boxes in a 5x8 enclosed trailer and will come directly to my door. For OD, I have to load them up and transport to the terminal.

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Ever watched Shipping Wars? If Jarret shows up at your door, don't open it.
OzzyIf you have the original shipping boxes, you should be fine IMHO.It’s not like they will lose the package like UPS or Fedex or go thru a sorting process where the boxes can be manhandled.Will the Iship shipper go directly from your home to the NY address?

Thanks for all the replies. I have decided to go with Old Dominion Freight at the higher price for more peace of mind.

Good idea. I’ve shipped stuff EVERYWHERE... Unless there is a forklift fork, hole in the box or visual external damage. Is always on the PACKER.

If you remember one thing when shipping. IF it gets shipped back, will it look the same as when you (or whoever) packed it to begin with?

That was taught to me 45 years ago after I learned, the packer is the culprit (ME) not the shipper.. 8000.00 claim denial, behind packing, a wired remote, improperly packed and shipped to Germany. Never again, and millions of $$$ later, NO PROBLEMS...

FEW shippers really think that way, ONLY the REAL pro shippers do!
They are NOT on TV... plain and simple... No luck needed, just good packing...

If it's tight it's right...If not it's wrong.. Can't move inside the crate if it does, it will get harmed...Simple...