Any bookshelves with horn-loaded tweeters?

I am looking for bookshelf speakers with horn-loaded tweeters.

I prefer two-way speakers. I found that JBL studio 530 and a number of Klipsch bookshelf speakers satisfy my need. But I am not sure if they sound good.

I am looking for more options, of audiophile/hifi quality.
I had the Triangle Comete es. nice speakers didnt know they were loaded tweeters is it the tweeter enclosure?
I think the newer version Triangle Titus have a horn loaded tweeter. I have older XS model which does not.
Don't forget Amphion, although there's not much 'horn loading' with their shallow waveguide. Also there was SP Tech now Aether Audio, although it looks like that company is about to go under for good. There's Geddes which makes a few designs using pro sound woofers and compression drivers in horns. Technically even KEF co-axials would count as a waveguide with modest horn loading.

And although they're both large, we (Vapor Audio) made 2 stand mount speakers with waveguide/horns, the Arcus and Aurora.
Are Triangle Titus/Comete Ex/Es of true horn tweeters with compression driver, or just usual cone/dome tweeters with a flare-shaped horn to increase efficiency at certain frequency?

I didn't find their crossover either.
Klipsch Reference monitors are inexpensive monitors which sound very good with tube electronics.I have a pair of Comete 30th Anniversary Cometes which are excellent monitors that use horn loaded tweeters. The 30th Anniversary Cometes are significantly better than the standard Cometes which I used to own and are very good monitors that offer great value at their price point and also need tubes to sound their best.
What makes the anniversary Cometes better sounding than the regular models?

I thought it was more of a packaging and finish job than upgraded components. How did the sound differ?

Would you say the anniversary Cometes benefit from a sub...or is a sub not necessary?
The Vapor Aurora with their 8" waveguide loading a ceramic dome tweeter and 8" woofer reach into the low 30s, upper 20s in-room. A sub is quite optional with them.
Nice to hear from someone not trying to "sell" me these. Just had a phone conversation with a salesman today who said that they didn't need a sub.

In keeping with the OP, I've read many threads about Triangle speakers outshining JBL, Klipsch, Dynaudio, and others. Just curious if anyone here knows how they'd stack up against comparably priced ($1,500-$1,800) Bowers & Wilkins bookshelf speakers?

Also, there's a pair of Triangle Titus XS currently for sale. Not sure how they'd stack up, but the price is tempting.
The Titus is an aquired taste. Electrostat fast and very hard sounding. If paired with an SET it works great. A little brittle for SS.
But it is a class-B speaker. It does a lot of things right, but it wasn't for me.
Once again Luvs2listen doesn't disclose that he is the builder for the Vapor Aurora. Shill!
I guess you gotta do what you gotta do at this point guys!
Well Paul, I hang my head in shame for not disclosing that I am tied to Vapor, something anyone who looks at my posts here on the forum can figure out rather quickly and easily.

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Pete, I think it would be best for the members if they didn't have to search your posts. It would probably benefit you as well.

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The Triangle 30th Anniversary Cometes have a much better tweeter than the standard Cometes which is "trickled down" from the flagship Magellan series. It also has upgrades wired and a modified cabinet and woofer although I don't know the particular details of these upgrades. I do know that they are a significant improvement over the standard Cometes, which are liked very much, across the board. Superior tonality, improved quantity and quality of bass, more detailed mids, much more refined highs and a warmer overall character while still being a touch lean. I used my Ayon Spirit 3 in triode and pentode, as well as a Unison Unico SE hybrid with great results. The Unison is a mosfet design so it is a little on the warm side, but the standard Comete I had didn't do as well with solid state and worked very well with my EL34 bases JWN 35 wpc push pull. As one would expect with an EL34 it is a warm amp, but with an excellent midrange.
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