Anticables and the Jumper Effect: Or how I learnedto stop worrying and love my system!

Over the last 2 years I’ve changed my system up a bit and played around with various speakers and cables. Finally, the speaker that won my heart was the JBL 4429. Dynamic, neutral and low distortion at any SPL’s. They can fill my listening space from side to side and floor to ceiling with that “In the Club” sound which I crave. But how I would coax the best results from them would remain to be heard. I absolutely love my Krell Vanguard and my Yamaha S-2100 SACD Player, so tweeking would be relegated to the cabling and speaker placement. FYI, I use Deer Creek Audio custom stands for the 4429’s. Trial and error plus frustration led me to try Anticables at a time. First was the level 3 power cord which finally unleashed the amazing potential of my Krell. Next was the Interconnects, for which I chose the level 3.1 XLR’s, again moving my system closer to unbridled performance. Lastly was the speaker cables and jumpers ( I have expensive single run speaker cables which I was hoping would do the job well so I tried the jumper/single run Anticables Level 3.1’s). Here is where it became a bit shocking. The Anticables jumpers with the MIT speaker cables sounded great, but not quite involving enough. Then I put the Anticables speaker cables in and realized I was on the right tack. I could hear deeper into the mix and the extension and detail was phenomenal, but...something in the upper midrange just didn’t sound right. There was a peakiness in the upper mid band and a lack of warmth in the overall presentation that bothered me. What to do? I decided to swap out the Anticables jumpers with my MIT Magnum jumpers which I had used previously. Holy Mother of God, what a huge leap in SQ and presence!! The midrange and bass took on a scary realistic weight and warmth without sacrificing detail. The results were flabbergasting...I could hardly believe how much better the sound had become, as if a new amp had been inserted! Almost tube like roundedness and texture. So what’s the take away from this experience? Audio is still the great unknown frontier where only through experimentation can we uncover the hidden realities that lurk just below the sonic horizon:)
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Thanks!  Forgot to mention that pace and timing are better as well, along with quicker attack and decay.  
NIce - always glad to hear another's journey.  How about an update once you live with the changes for a while...enjoy.
@pops I too am know as Pops to my oldest daughter:)  Will update later...rarely have the net effects of some cable changes yielded as large a benefit as the Anticables (jumpers excluded)!  Also love the flexibility of having EQ on my JBL’s...really lets me dial in the mid to high frequency detail.
No, very careful about following directions.  I think I mentioned to you GKat that I’d experienced a similar situation with my previous speakers and my NBS jumpers, compared to my MIT’s.  Weird how my amp reacts to different jumpers.  Just amazed at the results and very happy I experimented around a bit.  Completely blown away by the Anticables products...sans jumpers of course.
Maybe you should give the NORDOST ODIN 2 SUPREME REFERENCE BI-WIRE JUMPERS $15,000 a whirl.
@geoffkait  You’re funny...I’ve changed my mind about you!  Don’t get me wrong, I still have my deep concerns regarding your sanity, understand?
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I’m a schizophrenic 
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I recently loomed up my rig with Anti power cables, all around. Never going back to anything else. I also have their speaker cables (and jumpers). Their SCs are not a good fit to my ears with Zu. Too much reality  ;) 

Big fan of their company in general. Amazing price to performance.
@asvjerry  Very astute...I shall keep that in mind as I complete the breaking process for the Anticables.  Supposedly very short time, but ya never know!

Welcome! to the club. For many, many years I have been stating the positive effects of Cabling. Clearly, this is the best aspect of our hobby.
And yes, this subject matter is the last frontier (to conquer).

Happy Listening!
Thanks Jafant.  Early morning troubles however.  Played my Arabesque recording of Shostakovich 1rst Symphony which I’ve owned since the 90’s when I began doing this high end thing and everything was off!!
Emotional content was missing, tone not right, foundational weight adsent...all sounded thin:((. Put an old Monster Z2 XLR in place of the L3.1 XLR’s from Anticables and everything was better.  Damn this hobby...very frustrating.  I had been playing mostly blues and jazz before, which sounded fine but now I’m baffled as to what the heck is going on.  Will continue speaker cable break in at the very least and break IC in on another player before giving it another listen.
Put them back in ...listening to Jazz at the pawnshop and it sounds absolutely stunning:(). How long do these Anticables really take to break in, Jeez!  Gonna give them 100 + till I make final judgement.  Love the purity and see through quality.  Bass is killer on everything else I’ve played.  Sax sounds realistic and present.  Maybe I’m trying to fatten up a lean recording that just isn’t that great?  Process continues 🙏🏻
@geoffkait  Calling all GKaits....unbelievable, that’s all I can say!!  I went to wrap up the Anticables Jumpers and I discovered that I did indeed have 1 of them hooked up backwards 🤪  Put them back into the full Anticables loom and played the Arabesque recording sounds extremely good, even considering the cables have only about 24 hours on them and the jumpers clock in at about 50 hours.  Are you psychic GKait??
Also Pro Golded all my connections which seemed to add a certain loveliness which was missing 👍. Just a tad of smoothness and a hint of warmth!
I am so glad to hear the strong reports on Anticables. I really enjoyed talking to the owner and was impressed with his knowledge. Has anyone tried the upper level interconnects? I am re-wiring and re-capping my 6 way speakers and just put $600 worth of parts into my old NAD amps and pre amps. I'm looking to get the best sound I can out of all this old but good equipment. Currently running Audioquest Waters interconnects and BlueJean 10 gage speaker wire, in a Bi-amp configuration. Any suggestions? Anyone have any experience in my stuff versus Anticables??? Thanks!
@captaindidactic I had the AQ Waters.  Nice Interconnects and one of the best I’ve used.  My Anticables IC’s are top tier but without the Shadow XLR’s...I don’t like the idea of silver contact pins 🙈. Same with the speaker cables, too heavy on the silver content.  Copper and Gold have always sounded best to my ears, but I do seem to like the hybrid wire used on my cables.  They are spooky sounding...completely open window on the recording.  They are starting to settle down but need more time I think till I can say for sure, but they are addictive.  
Funny you mention the silver content. With the little experience that I have with silver, I have found that I like the copper sound better. Warmer and richer. By top tier, are you referring to the 6.1 interconnects? As for speaker cables, I can't or won't afford the 5.1's but will opt for two pair of 3.?'s for Bi amping. I am using RCA connectors. Which cables do You recommend? Thanks, Michael
I have the level 3.1 XLR’s, Speaker cables and jumpers.  Anything above that seems to be a diminishing returns scenario plus they have more Silver.  I would start with level 1 IC’s just to see results...all copper!  60 day option to try higher level.  I think the level 3.1 speaker cables are the sweet spot and as good as Anticables technology gets for the money.
Update!  Playing the Anticables jumpers since this morning, and although they sounded initially better than before, it’s still not sounding good...actually quite irritating.  Soundstage is completely confused and smeared together with upper harmonics thinned out and void of accurate tone.  The MIT’s went back in and Bingo Bango Bongo...we are back in business!!  Worlds better now...will continue break in of IC’s And speaker cables.
@captaindidactic. Bottom line is that this jumper experience questions the Anticables speaker cables ability to handle mid to upper frequencies properly.  Will continue to report as I experiment 👍
Re-visited my MIT HD38 speaker cables and was shocked at how much distortion was coming through compared to the Anticables!  Bass was overly bloated and voices were more pinched dynamically versus the Anticables.  Of course, inner detail and atmospherics were so much better with Anticables as well....they really convey the excitement of a live performance:))
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One of them, yes!  All Kubrick next audio adventure will be “Ears Wide Shut”!
Year later and Anticables power cord on my Krell is a keeper.  Anticables speaker cables and jumpers are phenomenal!  Interconnects were a bit off...dug out an old pair of Monster top tier studio grade interconnects I had laying around since the early 2000’s.  Damn if the chemistry between the various components and cables didn’t snap into focus.  Everything sounds alive and brimming with dynamics but also fully fleshed out and tonally more truthful:(). Schweet sounds for the Age of The Pandemic!
Anticables speaker cables and jumpers are phenomenal and remain in my system.  For interconnects I demo’d a set of Transparent G5 Plus Balanced cables.  Finally found a match between my Krell and Yamaha CDP...absolutely stunning!  Clear, fully fleshed out, warm and dynamic as heck.  Tone is best I’ve experienced in system as well.  That’s a wrap 😉