Another Fedex problem...

Just wanting to point out a problem I am having with Fedex as a potential warning and to see if anyone else is having this situation come up.

The last 4 packages I have had delivered to me by a vender via Fedex have NOT come to my home. In fact, only once did the delivery driver leave a notice on my door? It seems Fedex drivers like to skip your house and take the package to a designated drop off point. In my case, that is a Walgreens store that is totally inept and uneducated as to how to organize these packages.

In the last 2 instances, I have had to change my address to a drop off point (I have chosen) to avoid having the package sent back to the original sender. I asked a driver I had seen do this ...and he gave a very evasive answer.

Is anyone else having this problem?

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Such bad luck with fedex delivery of audio gear between losing and damaging equipment without honoring the insurance which I paid for. Had to switch to UPS.

I too have had good luck with FedEx although I tend to use UPS.  However, I understand the frustration of those who have bad experiences.  I agree with @ghdprentice about contacting FedEx.  Also, I believe you can set up a free personal account that may provide some benefits related to tracking and resolving issues.  Good luck.

FedEx just dropped 6 packages at my house last week. 5 from one seller. 1 from another. As mentioned by elrod, it sounds like more of a problem with your local FedEx. Whenever possible, I pick a drop off near my home as I hate having to deal with re-delivery or hold at FedEx.

I prefer FedEx to the other available shippers. UPS is second, then DHL... I avoid the USPS like the plague.

I’d also venture to guess too that It’s a local issue. If you really want to know, its best to drive to your local FedEx hub and talk to the hub leader directly. Tell them you want a 3-way conversation with the driver to discuss. If in doubt, sometimes I will login and re-route the package to a real FedEx Office for pickup - the day it leaves the original sender’s pickup site. I do this for all valuable packages.  

These issues can happen with FedEx, UPS, DHL too depending on your local drivers or concerns they might have at your particular drop-off location. I found out once a driver did not feel comfortable dropping a package over my gate, worth checking why if this keeps happening to you. May be more to the story...Best of Luck.