Affordable SS Integrated for Merlin TSMs

I'm looking for some opinions on some solid state integrated amps to drive a pair of Merlin TSMs for my 12x12 bedroom. I'll be feeding them Lossless files through my Mac Mini.

I'd like to keep the price (used) around $400-700. I have done some research and the few that stand out are the Naim Nait 5 (non-i) and the Rega Mira. It seems these are generally considered a little better than the NAD/Rotel lines. I don't have the money for Krell, Simaudio, etc.

Right now I have a panasonic XR57 and a Dussun V6i. I love the Dussun. It has weight in the bass, is super smooth, and detailed. But it is just too big for me. I also have an Onix Sp3 on the way, but I know the heat a maintenance of tubes will be too much for me over time; plus I really want a remote.

How do the Naim and the Rega stack up given the associated gear? Are there other SS integrateds int his used price range that stand out?
The Rega is really good and you might find an Exposure integrated in that price range.
My room is nearly identical in size and I have tried most of the usual suspect integrateds (including the Naim and Rega you mention) in your price favorites:

Naim Nait 5 (bargain! Can be had between $600 and $650)
Musical Fidelity A3 ($500 +/-)
Musical Fidelity A220 (no remote; rare - $400 to $500)
Byston B60 (non remote version - watch for it! sometimes <$700)

I could easily live with any of them long-term! All do a great job with monitors such as your Merlins.

All have a very different signature so audition is necessary. You should be able to purchase and resell with little to no loss if you you end up deciding that the sound of a given amp is not for you.

Good luck!
"Naim Nait 5 (bargain! Can be had between $600 and $650)
Musical Fidelity A3 ($500 +/-)
Musical Fidelity A220 (no remote; rare - $400 to $500)
Byston B60 (non remote version - watch for it! sometimes <$700)"

What, in you opinion, is the signature of each of these amps?
Merlin speakers love tube amps. There is currently an Aero Prima integrated amp on Audiogon right now. No connection to the seller, but I think would be an ideal match.
You could also email Bobby @ Merlin and ask his opinion.

Good Luck.
I don't know about sound quality but I have seen some 60 watt (.1% distortion at 8 ohms and 60 watts .01 at 40 watts into 8 ohm) from Honk Kong outfit called HLLC (just search T amp),That's way cheaper than a Redwine 30 watt.T amps have tonal quality of tube amps (no valve "bloom" of course).Ask Bobby if people have used them with T amps like Redwie though a used one would be $800.Great sopund low volume levels in that room and no tube heat hassles???????????All the amps listed above are good for money (I sold the Rega)but maybe you want close to tubes and this is a path to look into.But best advice ask Bobby.
Ooops that was supposed to read HLLY,Here;s some dope
Merlins loves tubes though. I never had luck with them using s/s amps.
Look at the EL34 Jolida amps or the EL34 Cayins amps from China. these work great with the TSMs.
If you love the sound of the Dussun, try to get by the looks of it. Nothing else will sound like it, let alone better, unless you luck out.
I agree the Merlins would sound best with an EL34 based tube amp, but if SS is the way you want to go, at that price point, I always thought the Rotel gear was a good value and they seem to upped the build quality of there chassis and front panels in recent years. It would be hard to pick one from a list like Rotel, NAD, Arcam, Rega, Creek, Naim, and Cambridge, but at that price point these would be the companies I would consider for sound, build, and support. I think they all play in the same league and none would be "much" better than the others. I would proabably choose on the basis of features and looks within this group, I don't think one is clearly better than the rest. I would call Bobby for his recommedation. There was some Italian SS integrated, the Audio Analogue Puccini he seemed to like quite a bit.
The Rotels are definitely not so good with the TSMs. They are a bit a dry combo.
The Audio Analogue is ok but nothing beats the EL34s with the TSMs though.
No question tubes are the way to go (EL34s especially, or OTLs), but OP wants an SS option, and at a relatively low price point. You may be right about the Rotel/Merlin combo. I've not heard the AA Pucinni, but Bobby seemed to like it; if you could get it used at the price point.