Advice Needed

I know others have discussed this. No matter what exclusion I add to Malwarebytes, the "Website blocked due to riskware" warning pops up. It does allow me onto Audiogon, but starting today it keeps popping up as I am reading different threads, versus previously just once when first coming onto the website. Does someone have the correct "exclusion" to add to Malwarebytes? 

Moderators, I can't be the only one with this problem, can you provide the correct "exclusion"?

Thanks in advance.

You could right click on the Malwarebytes icon on task bar and temporarily disable while on Audiogon.  
Thanks stereo5 for your suggestion.  This has been going on for a couple of weeks or so.  The Malwarebytes pop up says I can exclude the webpage from being considered "riskware", and I have entered audiogon's webpage name and IP address using several different names/numbers and the pop up keeps happening.  Like 10-12 times a minute.  Maybe the "riskware" warning is true.  I have been on audiogon and have had Malwarebytes forever.  The warning says:

"Riskware, or “risky software,” describes legitimate software programs that contain loopholes or vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers for malicious purposes."
I have this issue and get frequent warnings on the forums portion of audiogon from Malwarebytes. It did affect the sales portion but this appears to have been corrected. 

 What I don't understand, perhaps you do, what benefits do I get, other than the disappearance of the 'warning' from Malwarebytes, by allowing this riskware. For myself, I paid Malwarebytes for their expertise and I see no point in disregarding it.

FWIW, I use ESET’s well regarded NOD32 anti-virus program (but not either of ESET’s security "suites"), in conjunction with Firefox and Windows 10. I have never seen any such warnings while viewing any pages at Audiogon.

My guess is that the warning you are seeing is being triggered by an ad, although of course I have no way of knowing whether the warning is or is not a false positive. Ads on the site are apparently provided via Google’s ad service, and presumably are not hosted by Audiogon. And different users will see different ads depending in part on what other websites they have previously viewed.

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-- Al
Thanks al and new, I am really not worried about "riskware", but just would like its constant malawarebytes message invasion to stop.

Open Malwarebytes, go to settings, exclusions.  Type in:
and all will be well again.
jetter...If sereo5's suggestion worked for you then congrats. Since your post deals specifically with access to this Audiogon website, I do not wish to proliferate a discussion from the main, I have used almost every malware blocking program out there. Malwarebytes is among the worst of all. It's really not as effective as you think and can hamper your ability to use the Internet. These malware blocking programs progressively build their own hidden databases and then flag new ones that are unfamiliar.As long as you are running a good anti virus program (I feel stupid for mentioning that) there are many programs, whether free or paid, that will allow you to do periodic scans for malware, tracking cookies, etc. Spybot comes to mind but there are others.Just like running periodic virus scans, you can run a malware scan. But, having a program like Malwarebytes to constantly monitor your computer only hampers performance and isn't really that effective.OK computers
jrpnde, I could not agree with you more about Malwarebytes slowing down computer speed and being a memory hog, that is a well documented fact.  Truth be told, Malwarebytes has never given me a "riskware" warning before or after the persistent Audiogon messages and I do wonder if there was anything to them. But thanks to the heads up from stereo5 the messages are gone.

I am running the Windows Defender that comes with Windows 10, the free version of Avast, and have a lifetime license to Malwarebytes, from when you could purchase them.  Knock wood, things have been running fine for a while now, other than the previous pesky Audiogon "riskware" warning.
George, Many times the browser holds on to cookies, history which you can cleanup. Internet Explorer it is under tools\Options Chrome right corner tab history. Clear  cookies, history from the beginning of time. Trying a different browser will tell you if it is an add-on or cache stored in the browser. If you have not tried a different browser then download one and see if that makes a difference.   
Malware Bytes  like many others has a problem with Windows 10 updates.  Most of the Anti-Virus and firewall products do not keep up with the operating system changes in Windows 10 when they rework the OS to the next level. I was running Zone Alarm free firewall until it could not keep up with the changes. There is a lag where they are goofy until the updates to the protection software catches up until then you get false warnings.  If you run Microsoft Defender and MS firewall only you will not have that problem.  Keep anything important on an external USB HD and keep it unplugged between backups.  I hope this helps.