Wouldn’t want to be without it!

Increases image specificity and generally improves musical quality. And, it also improves the picture quality. It is doing something with the AC current, can’t explain how, but I am forever a tweaker. I really like creative new ideas. This one really works!


Build a dream setup with great components/room and you STILL need a "black box."

Just part of audio as a hobby-in search of T.I.A. kind of thing I guess?

"in search of T.I.A. kind of thing I guess?

TIA was supposed to be T.A.S.

No one needs a TIA-trans ischemic attack!

Carry on.

I think this is kind of like the spring reverb a friend of mine had in his 1957 Chevy (6 cylinder, 4 door , 3 on the tree). Had an AM radio since FM was not yet a thing in our area. No 8 track or Cassette either, not invented yet.

That was our version of High end audio.

Just meant that for a tweak, if you have rear speakers, You should try a spring reverb. It would give you a nice "boing-boing" echo. Kind of like yelling into a well.

Toung in cheek. No offence intended.