Active Speakers Don't Sound Better

I just wanted to settle a debate that has often raged in A’gon about active vs. passive speakers with my own first hand experience. I’ve recently had the chance to complete a 3-way active center channel to match my 2-way passive speakers.

I can absolutely say that the active nature of the speaker did not make it sound better. Or worse. It has merged perfectly with my side speakers.

What I can say is that it was much easier to achieve all of the technical design parameters I had in mind and that the speakers have better off-axis dispersion as a result, so it is measurably slightly better than if I had done this as a passive center. Can I hear it? I don’t think so. I think it sounds the same.

From an absolute point of view, I could have probably achieved similar results with a passive speaker, but at the cost of many more crossover stages and components.  It was super easy to implement LR4 filters with the appropriate time delays, while if I had done this passively it would require not just the extra filter parts but all pass filters as well.  A major growth in part counts and crossover complexity I would never have attempted.  So it's not like the active crossover did any single thing I couldn't do passively, but putting it all together was so much easier using DSP that it made it worthwhile.

I can also state that as a builder it was such a positive experience that I may very well be done with making passive speakers from now on.


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That's very interesting! Are you talking about equivalent models? Which ones? What preamplifier and amplifier, respectively, did you use? one who’s applied DSP since the ’80’s and quasi-active monoblocks (L-07 mono-blocks with 1 m. supplied cables...will that ’stand-in’ for active speakers? Getting ’close to concept’ in practice if not ’inboard’ within the cabinet....), I’d be onboard with ’active v. passive’ approach....

...given a more than average amount of ac plugs about your listening space...|
...a uptick in the count of ’improved’ ac cables And IC cables ’twixt pre- and active drivers...which begins to look like ’shaving peaches’ imho.... is relying on the ’amp in the box’, which may/may not to be your tastes....

Even dialing in a self-powered sub can be a bitch....and varies from source to source.....
Micro-management to the point of excess? Perhaps....

...why would I lie?

Ultimately....what we’re searching for is making the means.... do This.

...why should I lie? ;)

Any and all options are open to be applied, per your mind, ears, space, budget, and Intent, me. *S*

Try this......the backing is nice...varied....

My hill to climb is vibrations. Just on the most simplistic of evaluations placing an amp inside a speaker seems problematic. But seems more and more popular. 

I understand the simplicity, and especially time savings. Passive crossovers can take a long time to evaluate, change, burn in, re-evaluate, etc. ...But...there are pro and cons with every option, and like most things, execution of a given principle is a key factor, as is the objective.