Acoustic Sounds Series

Nina Simone - Ne Me Quitte Pas - I Put A Spell On You

Louis Armstrong Meets Oscar Peterson - Let's Fall In Love

John Coltrane Quartet - Say It (Over And Over Again) ‎– Ballads

Stan Getz / Joao Gilberto - The Girl From Ipanema
I wish I could find my copy of the Coltrane/“Ballads” LP. It’s out there somewhere in my collection.
I've purchased almost my entire collection from Acoustic Sounds whether it be from the vinyl vault or from their QRP selection. I just hit 500 last week, in three years. I love Acoustic Sounds and their Quality Records Pressings! The big box arrived today, 12 more beauties to listen to this weekend. Doors, Lynard Skynard, Classical, whatever, it's quality from Acoustics. 
Rhino offered up the Atlantic mono Coltrane. I have Giant Steps and can say my mono cartridge tracks it perfectly.

Yeah I have Getz/Gilberto, Ballads (also original) and A Love Supreme. They are pretty wonderful.
Analogue Productions has been reissuing many of the RCA Living Stereo titles. I have a hybrid SACD of Scheherazade and it’s down right fantastic given that it was recorded in the late 1950’s.
Now, titles from that RCA series and some of the DECCA classical recordings are available as DSD downloads at the Acoustic Sounds website. I hope Acoustic Sounds continues to expand their endeavors regarding classical music. 
Analogue Productions has been reissuing many of the RCA Living Stereo titles. I have a hybrid SACD of Scheherazade and it’s down right fantastic given that it was recorded in the late 1950’s.
I have hybrid SACD of Scheherazade and listen it on CD. I don't have SACD player.
It sounds great:

I hope they will do more classical music reissue on vinyl.

Most of late 1950 classical records were recorded very well because they used simple 2-3 microphone technique and relatively simple tube equipment. The problem was a proper microphone placement and good hall acoustics.
Later records from end of 1960x used multi microphone technique, sophisticated transistor equipment and Dolby tape recorders. Signal pass became longer in number of times. As result microdynamics was killed and tone of instruments became more artificial. The music hаll atmosphere is more artificial too. 
Alex, these were all three track recordings and they most likely used Neumann or Telefunken’s. However, to my ears, the sound of these Analogue Production remasters are a dramatic improvement to the original vinyl. I’ve yet to hear the Analogue Production vinyl.
@alexberger I hear you about the classic brother, is D2D too much to ask?

@knollbrent will look into
the QRP thanks
Listening to digital today, jazz at the pawnshop 24 bit

My digital is very good and silent, I am hearing the waiters gathering glasses and such
Huge classical QRP selection. If there's ever an issue with any of their presses, easy return. Although, 500 now and no problems. Always quiet. 
@luisma31 glad your enjoying your digital end. I love mine too. Just removed it do to all the wiring and I never use it but still love it, sounds excellent. I'd love  to access Acoustics digital library!
Clifford Brown And Max Roach ‎– Study In Brown - "Cherokee"

Peggy Lee ‎– Black Coffee

George Russell And His Orchestra ‎– New York, N.Y. - "Manhattan"
Coltrane Ballads "Nancy (With the Laughing Face)" - Acoustic Sound Series

Coltrane Ballads "It's Easy to Remember" - Acoustic Sound Series
Listening to Hoodoo Man Blues. Junior Well’s, Chicago Blues Band. Excellent.
Great list @alexburger

Muddy Waters, Folk Singer. A great way to get into the blues.

I have decided that in many instances when it comes to these older recordings, the high resolution digital files are better than the vinyl and not just the reissues but the originals also. The individual instruments are better delineated in space. The spaces between are blacker for lack of a better term. I do not think it is a noise issue either although the extra noise in vinyl can not help. The odd thing is I hear the difference better with the new turntable which is quieter and more accurate than the older one. What use to pass for ambience is now obviously not. It is certainly not a cartridge problem either. Yesterday I played the vinyl version of Soundgarden's Badmotorfinger. The first cut has intentional feedback in the low 20 Hz region which makes the bass thunder with a continuous rumble which causes most other cartridges to distort or even miss-track.
It wizzed  through the track perfectly, the two guitars perfectly focused right and left, drums layered out nicely, no distortion at all. Mr Ledermann knows what he is doing.
My experience with the Acoustic Sound Series.
Despite sound not bad, most of titles have some grain. I don't know what is it the problem
mastering equipment or the conditions of master tapes?
The best  Acoustic Sound Series sounding title is Getz/Gilberto. It has a real analogue sound smooth and transparent without any grain and roughness.
I have a number of old Verve records remastered on CD. And most of them sound very good.
I also have a number of original old Verve records and most of them sound smooth but a little bit dull (if you compare them to other jazz labels from 1955 to 1964). 

knollbent...which Skynard did you get. 45 or 33...and how does it sound. The Doors QRP’s are indeed very fine...I have all but WFTS, and Parade. I tend to reach for my early US pressings, which sound great also. I have to admit, my 45’s tend to sit just because I’m lazy after working all day. I just bought Mingus: Black Saint, and 3 new Beach Boys to ad to my collection of QRP BB’s. I had Pet Sounds in mono and Stereo, and Surf’s Up. Just added Surfer Girl Stereo, Sunflower, and Smiley Smile Mono. Have yet to play SG, but Sunflower beats my OG Canadian press by a mile, and Smiley Smile is pretty darned special...even on my My Sonic Lab STEREO cartridge. It’s really hard to complain about what QRP has been putting out. I may grab Coltrane: Crescent soon too. What are the Hendrix stand outs? I only have the debut, and haven’t played it in a while. I get on pretty well with my Classic mono Axis..., Axis OG stereo, along with my OG Electric Ladyland. Shout out for the Classic press of Band Of Gypsies as well.