A different Diana Krall CD/SACD, "The Girl in the Other Room"

Most of her early work included standards and the classic "American Songbook", kind of a modern day Peggy Lee.  The CD/SACD "The Girl in the Other Room" has some songs by Elvis Costello. 

If you have it and some of her other work, it would be good to hear your thoughts. 

The CD/SACD "The Girl in the Other Room" has some songs by Elvis Costello.
 you know she is married to him , right ?
Yes. Having seen her live several times and collected all she has recorded, I have kept up with them through music. At one live performance Mr. Costello joined her briefly on stage. She has maintained the fire of other greats, like Rosie Clooney and more.

They have been married long enough to enjoy their mutual children.

Of all she has done I believe I listen to "Narrow Daylight" most.

Both of my sons have enjoyed her music as well as other family members and friends.

Diana Krall - Wikipedia

I have never heard the SACD, but I have the CD of Girl in the Other Room. The music, vocals and CD sound are very good. 
Hi Robert, yes Ms. Krall is up there with Dinah Washington, Sarah Vaughn and a few others that I have most everything they ever recorded.  The only males that I have nearly everything they recorded are Chet Baker, and perhaps Paul Desmond. 


I own all of her titles avail on SACD. These are excellent discs to test any system. Well produced and recorded.

Happy Listening!