3rd order crossover on a Cary Silver Oak One

Ijust bought a pair of Cary Silver Oak One speakers. They have beautiful cabinet, very good components (seas woofers and tweeter. I still have my Proac D15 and after installation of the Cary, i was disapointed.Their soundstage is not very convincing and compared to the Proac, they sound not as crispy, dull. The manual from Cary Audio mention that the speaker is a PHASE STABLE and use a 3rd order crossover and the tweeter crossover point is 3 kilohertz. My impression is that the manufacturer wanted a speaker comfortable for home cinema, that everybody around can ear not only the listener sitting at the sweet spot, but this was made at the detriment of audiophile quality. I would like very much to keep them, they are of very good quality construction and design, and i suspect the problem come from crossover design. Somebody have suggestions, can i change without too much problems the settings or the crossover itself ?
can i change without too much problems the settings or the crossover itself
The naswer is, NO. Don;t even think about it, it's too complicated & messy.
Rather, wait a bit until the speakers break in & hope for the best. You might try placing them better, usine supports, etc.
Consider upgrading the passive components in the crossover, as that may be the problem.
Well, since i bought them used, the breakin is done. I will fill them with sand (35 pounds/each) that is supposed to tight the bass and eliminate the cabinet resonance. They sound very smooth, comfortable but the highs are a lot too smooth and the transients are quite on prozac. They used the same woofer than my Proac but two of them, the difference is that they are acoustic suspension, meaning no port, hermetic. Does that make difference with a port speaker ?