2 subwoofers to connect to Naim nova

Hi all
I have Naim nova with aerial acoustics 7t. I know the speakers are full range and there are two school of thoughts: whether to use or not use subwoofers with this. I believe and have seen that using subwoofers will get quality bass and a richer mids. I want to buy 2 RELs. Naim nova shows 1 subwoofer out and one pre-out. Can I connect 2 subwoofers to Naim nova. Also if I go for 2 subs, will REL S series will be too much or should I go for REL T series. Suggestion on subwoofers also appreciated. 
There is no such thing as too much. There is however such a thing as too few. What you want is four. When using four they can be smaller, placement is a lot easier, and the resulting bass is so much smoother and real than two you will find it hard to believe. 

You can connect three subs easily to your Naim- one each to the pre-out, plus one to the sub out. Don't worry about L/R, it does not matter with subs. Then you can add more, either daisy chain off one of the subs, or use a Y-adaptor. Off of what does not matter.

Another solution, right now the Dayton SA1000 amp and subs are on sale at Parts Express. One amp, four subs. Killer deal. What I did. 
https://systems.audiogon.com/systems/8367#&gid=1&pid=8 Several others here have done the same or similar. Search around. Its called DBA. Everyone who does it loves it.
Hi romney80,

You can definitely connect two subwoofers to the Uniti Nova, and REL’s recommended approach for this is to use the High Level input on the subwoofers. This input uses a specialty cable that is provided with each subwoofer and connects to the Nova’s speaker output binding posts, rather than the subwoofer pre-out.

The Aerial 7ts will benefit from the extra responsiveness and bass extension of the Serie S models, though the ideal subwoofer match depends of a few additional variables. You can reach out directly at contactus@rel.net and we will be happy to provide more detailed subwoofer pairing advice.

You got great advice straight from REL!  I have 2 REL subs and love them.  Disregard the first response.
If you’re going with REL you can use their ’subwoofer finder" tool. Depending on the size of your room, REL recommends the S/812 or S/510 with Aerial Acoustics 7T speakers.
Alright. I got one REL S5 subwoofer. But the problem is how to connect the REL high level input using the supplied neutrik cable to Naim nova as the nova has only one set of speaker terminal, which is banana only. I have created a separate post for this, but anybody here who knows this, please guide me. Thanks
Hello romney80,

Naim amplifiers, such as the Nova, feature a unique output impedance that can cause performance issues when connecting standard speaker wire directly to it’s output terminals. REL has two solutions for connecting High Level to the Naim Nova:
1. Connect the S/5 directly to your speakers, which will likely involve stripping back the wire jacket in order to reach both your left and right speakers.
2. REL has a version of the Baseline Blue upgraded high level cable that is specially designed to account for the unique output impedance of Naim amplifiers. Along with this specialty circuit, the Naim Baseline Blue also features stacking banana plugs that allow you to connect both the high level cable and your main speaker wire to the Nova’s recessed banana ports. In our experience using stacking banana plugs does not result in any signal transmission issues.

Alternatively, since you are using a single subwoofer you could connect the S/5's Low Level input to the designated subwoofer output on the back of the Naim Nova.
After using 1 REL S5 SHO, I was so impressed and got another one. Now I have used 2 S5-SHO and did what REL told me. I connected each of the subs speaker wires directly to speakers and they are working great.