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SET Lovers, what's the one solid state amp you love(d)?
I have 3 Bedini amps including a 25/25. Other amps come and go but never the Bedini’s. The 25/25 recommendation is a good one when you have a high sensitivity speaker. The 25/25 is the smoothest and most tubelike of the Bedini’s. I’m looking at pi... 
Give 'Ambrosia' another listen
I agree they are underrated. The first 3 albums were very creative. Then they became more mainstream.   
Probably a dumb question  
System Static Issue
My Bedini 100/100 has started to make a thump on startup. It’s not a static sound so I’m not saying it’s the problem you are having or that it’s the amp. I am saying mine is getting old and I know it needs updating. I’ll be interested to see your ... 
Klipsch Speakers
I have found that horns made from plastic or metal can ring enough that some people hear them as bright or brash. Any brand of horn mid or tweeter can have this ringing.  I put damping material like Dynamat on the backs of these horns with great r... 
Bedini Amp repair
Hgeifman, interesting lead, thanks. Have you used this company?   
Paper cone drivers/natural materials
I’ve built speakers using just about every design principle and driver material available. For cone type dynamic drivers there are many choices of material and driver construction. Many are outstanding if used correctly. You just have to understan... 
Words of wisdom on choosing a speaker
Kenjit now your telling me I’m delusional and do t know what I like? And that I’m too ignorant to figure it out so I should look to you for guidance? Seek help. Or a different hobby.   
Words of wisdom on choosing a speaker
Here’s a thought… most people are not dissatisfied with the speakers they buy.  It’s just you. Sometimes people do change speakers. Because it’s fun to experience and experiment with different equipment.  It has nothing to do with the reasons you ... 
Which USB reclocker is as good as the Innuos Phoenix USB?
lalitk, consider the reverse. Why spend a ton more on a Streamer or DAC to get the same performance that a low cost USB dongle gives you? And perhaps the dongle improves even the best sources. I wouldn’t know. I don’t buy the really expensive stuf... 
Which USB reclocker is as good as the Innuos Phoenix USB?
Holo audio Titanus.   
Klipsch Forte ii too bright, or is it my room ?
Putting the dynamat on the horns will help a great deal.  
Musical Fidelity Phono preamp loading
Mine came with several other sets of loading plugs. I received sets for 200 ohm, 500 and 1K. None offered better sound for any of the cartridges I own, but it’s nice that I can use these plugs with any value resistor I want when I buy a new cartri... 
Speaker cone shape
I’m not sure what you mean by “suck it and see”. Your post was about cone shape. Good speaker design is full of challenges. But cone shape isn’t one of them. Buy what sounds best to you.  
Speaker cone shape
Having done some research on this when I was making custom speakers, I can tell you shape does not seem to effect radiation pattern. They all create a pressure wave that expands outward in all directions as it travels. It does not collapse inward....