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Rega planar 8 : Tracking force and Anti-skate settings
+1 jcoehler From experience owning a P25 and now a Planar 8; anti-skate should be set at 50-60% of the appropriate VTF value. I'm not a robot...  
Capital Audiofest, save thyself!
@beeswax,Go to the Capital Audiofest website/homepage and look under "contact us" (top, upper right). There you'll find contact information for the individual who owns the event. A good place to start...with your message.  
I will add another positive vote for Zavfino. I own two of their power cords; the Magestic MKII and the Fina. Both are very well constructed, quiet and in no way forward in terms of sound. The only slight caution is that neither power cord is very... 
Turntable versus tonearm versus cartridge: which is MOST important?
In my humble experience (40 years) your hunch would be incorrect. A proper turntable and tonearm (more expensive) will allow you to extract the most performance from a $500.00 phono cartridge. You will then have a platform (turntable/tonearm) that... 
Helping a kid out
You might consider the Lounge Audio LCR MKIII @  $300. With a direct-to-consumer business model, that $300 goes a long way. I have first hand experience using an earlier version and found it to be an excellent and satisfying performer.  
Featured Systems page defunct
Featured Systems are determined by Audiogon administration, not you the end user. What you've posted here belongs under Virtual Systems, with pictures...  
Tune of the Day
@bdp24,A second vote for Slaw's recommendation on Little Village. The 1992 UK import (Reprise WX 462) is THE VERSION to own. 
I own several of these and they are very effective.https://www.ebay.com/sch/s-covers/m.html?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEFSXS%3AMESOI&_trksid=p2053788.m1543...To be used only when your electronics have cooled completely. In other words...when not in us... 
Analogue Productions announces May 21st release of ultimate Kind Of Blue LP
@sbank,   I wouldn’t be too concerned on a number of fronts:   From a quick search, I can find nothing that states the record is sold out. As previously stated by @bdp24, Acoustic Sounds continues to take pre-orders. When you... 
Best way to wipe off the dust cleaning the gear
Here's one option:Custom Turntable & Audio Covers https://www.displaycasej.com/custom-audio-covers 
Need help to file a FEDEX claim - damaged Nakamichi TA4A
Google and/or eBay can be your friend for something like this:https://www.ebay.com/itm/Nakamichi-TA-4A-Face-Plate-/114515156915 
Can anyone recommend a printable label for vacuum tube boxes?
Brother P-touch label maker.  
Class D for a Tube Lover
I own a Pass Labs Aleph 30 (30 watts, Class A) that is exceptional. And, it’s also an exceptional space heater. On a whim I recently purchased a PS Audio Stellar S300 amplifier for the sole purpose of trying Class D amplification. After about 100 ... 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Ry Cooder – Bop ‘Til You Drop – 1979 Warner Brothers   This was the first (July 11, 1979) digitally recorded LP of popular music with vocals. A 32-track digital recorder was used.  
Best skiinny floorstanders
Audio PhysicExample:https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lisa2j8f-audio-physic-caldera-mkiii-full-range