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Ohm Walsh 4.300.2 opinions
I had original 4s that I got used and really liked them with a pair of REL T5 subs in the corners.  A crossover went bad, so I upgraded to the 5000 speakers on my old Ohm Walsh 4 cabinets.  Had to switch the base down to medium sized room (it’s a ... 
Are There Any Stereo Bluetooth Speakers?
Are There Any Stereo Bluetooth Speakers?
Rogue Audio. Reliability issues? Anyone?
What I will say in addition to really liking my first foray into tubes with a Cronus Magnum II, is that I experienced my first fried tube, I got someone on the phone the first try at Rogue, and they didn’t want to sell me a power tube until they w... 
Warm, Lush Laid-Back Smaller Floor Standers?
Just saw the second question-  I’m using a Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum II.  It’s a nice match.  
Warm, Lush Laid-Back Smaller Floor Standers?
My room is similarly shaped, but about 15 x 45.  The stereo is at the living room end.  There is no “listening position “ chair unless I move one.  I have Ohm Walsh 5000s, and the sound is great pretty much the same wall to wall in front of the sp... 
Best Speaker for a reflective room ?
I have a long deep room (14 x 42) with one side about 40 feet of glass, and the other side opening onto a hallway and kitchen with no doors to close.  Large Ohm Walsh pretty much in the corners fill the space with dense, crisp sound.  
Looking for good speakers, soundstage not important
I have Ohm Walsh 5000s in a large room with almost 40 feet of windows down one side and the other side opening up to a hallway and kitchen.  I turned the bass down to “medium sized room” and removed my two subs.  They absolutely kick bass and perc... 
New Rel Carbon Special Sub “Roars” when there is no signal!
I ran two REL T5s for quite a while, and twice I had a feedback loop when I wasn’t playing the stereo but the amp was on.  The first time, from downstairs under one of the subs, I thought the end of the world was imminent.  I put them on the same ... 
What is the best way to clean Vinyl?
Unfortunately, US cleaners have really increased in price.  You can just get 6 liter US tanks for a lot less and do a DIY rotisserie to spin the records in the tank.  There are YouTubes.  I got the first cleanervinyl system in the beginning (looks... 
Speakers that are good with tubes
Larger Ohm Walsh  
Checking Anti-Skate?
You could also take a look at the SoundSmith website for anti-skate info.  It is a compromise, and there is a pretty simple method recommended there.  
Recommendation for integrated amplifier for Paradigm Studio 20s v.5
I found a used Rogue Cronus Magnum II within your budget and couldn’t be more pleased.  
OHM 3XO Factory Rebuild
With my 5000s, I’m using a Rogue Cronus Magnum II.  Plenty of power and chest thumping bass and kick drum.  Talking to the folks at Rogue, they said Ohm used one their amps for a show once.  
What selections do you play when showing off your system to others?
After guest picks, a first track from any side of  Blue Note’s WAR Platinum Jazz, or maybe Cisco Kid.  The Brothers Johnson will do it too,  Plop them down between the speakers and turn it up.  If they don’t start moving, call 911.